China Telecom saw double-digit revenue growth in 17 provinces last year, including Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Jilin

2022-04-23 0 By

According to China Telecom’s 2021 year-end market work conference, the group’s main business revenue continued to grow in the past year.Among them, from January to November 2021, the total revenue of the main business of communication has reached 383.8 billion yuan, up by 8.0%, and 17 provincial companies including Inner Mongolia Telecom, Hunan Telecom and Jilin Telecom have achieved double-digit growth.In fact, the operator exclusively reported that in 2021, the revenue of 14 provincial companies of China Telecom grew by double digits and the growth rate was the first in the industry, including Hunan Telecom, Shaanxi Telecom and Anhui Telecom in ten billion provinces in south China.Guizhou Telecom, Chongqing Telecom and Yunnan Telecom in small and medium-sized provinces in south China;Inner Mongolia Telecom, Jilin Telecom, Shandong Telecom, Hebei Telecom, Shanxi Telecom, Liaoning Telecom and so on.At the same time, there are a number of professional subsidiaries, such as cloud company, integration company, mutual finance Company, music company, security company, terminal company and so on, the revenue growth of more than 20%.And the revenue to achieve double digit growth of provincial companies and three more, it can be seen that China telecom provincial companies performance development progress is very big.Since last year, China Telecom has been focusing on customers and accelerating service upgrading and business expansion.Accelerate the construction of new infrastructure for cloud and network integration, and actively enable internal and external digital transformation;Maintain network information security, to build a secure enterprise;We made solid progress in the three-year campaign to reform state-owned enterprises and injected new vitality and impetus into the development of enterprises.Strengthen enterprise management and continuously improve the efficiency of operation management.Therefore, in 2021, China’s telecom business revenue will grow steadily, revenue structure will continue to optimize, dual-wheel drive basic business and industrial digital business will develop together, industrial digital income will become an important driving force for revenue growth, user scale will continue to expand, enterprise value will continue to grow, and development quality will be steadily improved.At the same time, revenue margins, r&d investment intensity, and overall labor productivity continued to rise.And the ratio of sales expenses to income is further reduced, the capital structure remains robust, and the competitive strength continues to increase.