How terrible is Poseidon’s oppression?A sea of mass graves from which no creature has escaped for thousands of years!

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Like luo fighting everyone audience friends everybody is good, we all know that after shrek set out eight strange sea island, they actually have heard many stories about the sea island, said most of these stories is a sea island, how terror, but if just heard, shrek eight blame nature is not afraid of, but really, after theThey learned that Triton Island was indeed much scarier than they had imagined.Actually after shrek eight blame to sea island, they have to sea island had a big sacrifice posse west education, also from this after world war I, shrek also have the fear to posse west eight weird feeling, but who would have thought after shrek Davy Jones finished eight weird 2 test, they then face is another piece of hell, and this time they also lost the asylum,In addition to the spirit of the great white shark to help them, at this time they can be said to be isolated.After came to the sea of mass, shrek eight strange that is experienced great hardships, because this place is no soft persimmon, want to survive can only strengthen constantly, in order to survive, shrek the strength of the eight weird also has been growing, but even so, in the face of mass of the strong in the sea, the shrek the strength of the eight weird or not enough,Because the Lord of this place is not that simple.In shrek eight monster came to the sea of mass every day, how they are planning to leave this place, of course, they came to the real purpose of here is to find the strength to Neptune, the soul in the magic jaws incite beast attack after kirin, shrek and eight weird magic soul jaws is also take advantage of the disorder to leave this place, this plan is very perfect,But the reality is that their plan was never going to work that well.In shrek eight strange thought in the end, shrek is eight weird officially met the best of the world without the urban, and the person is waited for a long time, eight weird shrek three under some kind of preparation in the tang dynasty, he successfully control the underestimation of eritrea, then shrek directly to take eight weird LingShi bail, but who would have thought the plan doesn’t work,Because Wuah himself has a Stone.If the Stone could leave, he would have left by now. And there was something very surprising about what He said. Who would have thought that he had been locked up in this place for thousands of years?In terms of generations, shrek 8 is not far behind.Since no remarks, for Neptune is also too exaggerated, thought no urban already very strong, but he even couldn’t go to the sea of mass, belong to is strong makes no sense, and that in ten million, still feeling can be said to be very annoying, have to say Poseidon also really is pretty proud of, no matter how strong your strength, I disdain for it is that does,It doesn’t matter to you for a thousand years!