The judge marks the victim!Japanese generals support Su yiming: he should be the first to reform

2022-04-23 0 By

Su Yiming, 17, has made Chinese snowboarding history by winning a silver medal in men’s slopestyle at the Beijing Winter Olympics.In an interview, Narita Tomo, a snowboarder who participated in the Turin Winter Olympics, criticized the scoring judges of the Beijing Winter Olympics, while pointing out that Chinese snowboarder Su Yiming was also a victim of the scoring.Narita, a Turin Olympian, took to his social media platform to express his dissatisfaction with the judges of the snowboarding event. He said Hirano won the gold medal, but his second run was marked down, while Su would have been the winner anyway, but finished second.Hiromi Hirano, who won the halfpipe gold medal, won the gold medal with his third-round performance, but he failed to score high in the second round, which caused controversy after the competition.Hirano’s predecessor, Narita, said, “Players can’t disobey the referee, and they can’t overturn it.There is a fee for challenging and protesting, and even if you pay the fee, you don t know whether you can pass, so you have to perform better.Narita also said, “If a competent competitor finishes second after failing to perform the most difficult move, from the perspective of a judge, they think, ‘If you have a more difficult technique, show me.If you can do that, you must be a champion.”In addition, Narita also pointed out that not only Hirano buemon was deliberately forced to score, but also China’s Su Yiming, “Su Yiming, China’s su, he had 1980 inside the catch board, that is, five and a half twists of the big move, even if he did not take out, but anyone who looked at the performance would be the winner, but the final score was second.But Su didn’t do well in the third round and ended up in second place.”As for Cheng’s complaint, Japanese netizens commented, “The scoring of snowboarding is subjective, unlike figure skating, where there are detailed regulations on the basic score of a certain technique.”Gold medalist Momo Hirano was also upset. In an interview with reporters, he pointed out problems with referees and called for reform.”It’s not just me who thinks it’s unfair. People around me are angrier than I am.Referees should think of the sport and let players know why they are being penalized.You know, we would have to risk our lives to do these moves, so judges need to have a clear score for the sake of exercise.”