Anhua police launched an emergency search and rescue overnight for a missing 90-year-old woman

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Sanxiang Metropolis daily news on January 26 (correspondent Deng Zhenqiu) 24 morning, Anhua County public Security Bureau Dafu police station received the town day cover mountain village Liu Xiliang son to write a letter of thanks.Thanks for the continuous 6-hour search and rescue by the auxiliary police of the institute on January 17, the 92-year-old father who had been missing for nearly 6 hours was successfully found and returned home safely.(The policeman carries the old man on his back and goes down the hill with the crowd.)At 4:00 PM on January 17, when the dafu police station was patrolling the streets for prevention and control, a villager in Tianpu Mountain village of the town rushed to the police officer Deng Zhenqiu for help, saying that at 3:00 PM, his 92-year-old father had left home and had not returned yet, and asked the police station for help.After receiving help, the police rushed to the elderly home investigation, and organized local villagers to start looking.At 7:00 PM, after nearly 3 hours of searching, the missing old man was still not found. However, it was getting dark, and the mountain terrain was complicated, and the temperature on the mountain had obviously dropped. If the old man could not be found in time, he might be frostbitten or even life-threatening.In order to find the lost old man as soon as possible, The director of the Dafu police station Yang Zhiwei also mobilized the rest of the civilian auxiliary police to join the search team, at the same time let the monitoring group police according to the family provided photos, wearing clothing and other information, repeatedly refer to the old man lost nearby area monitoring.Around 9 p.m., hard work pays off.Finally found and determined the old man lost range in the hills behind his home.The police immediately launched the local villagers familiar with the terrain again to carry out a search and rescue.At 11 p.m., after nearly 6 hours of search and rescue, finally found the old man in the mountains behind his house.At this time the old man fell and lost the ability to move in the back of the mountain, rescue workers immediately escorted the old man down the mountain, sent to his home to warm up.At present, the old man is safe.To remind the general public, there are elderly people in the home, it is best to equip the elderly with communication equipment, so that even if the elderly lost can be immediately contacted by telephone.If you are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, you should wear a GPS device under your clothes.Or sewing contact information on the clothes of the elderly cloth, wear a name card written with contact information and other measures.If the old man is lost, be sure to call the police immediately.[Editor: Chen Shuyi][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]