He once weighed 1016 jin, no job girlfriend left, hospital: cremation after death to go to the slaughterhouse

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Talking about the fattest person in the world, we can always see different people every other time, it is difficult to say who is the fattest, because after the weight is too fat, it will endanger life and health, have to implement weight loss measures to maintain health.Today I would like to introduce a “heavyweight” person. Why do you say so?At his heaviest, he weighed 1016 pounds. Because he had no job, his girlfriend left him.After several years in hospital, he was told that he would be cremated after death and would have to go to the slaughterhouse.So what happened to Mr. Half-ton to get so fat?Paul used to be an ordinary man. He was not fat when he was young. He even got admiration from many girls because of his beautiful features.The young Paul had a strong and successful relationship, but it didn’t last. His father died when Paul was 20.Paul suffered a great blow, the whole person in a muddle, did not lead long girlfriend also began to dislike Paul, do not think of the whole dawdle, so leave Paul.In this way Paul lost two people who were very important to him and soon developed bulimia.Paul since his girlfriend left, has been overeating, specially eating high-calorie chocolate, fried food, but also love to drink drinks do not exercise, Paul’s weight in the visible speed of the naked eye growth, weight quickly came to more than 180 kilograms.At this time, Paul still did not pay attention to it and could not change his habit of loving food and drink. At this time, Paul could still work and have a source of income. But gradually, his lazy character was excluded by colleagues and not valued by leaders, and finally he lost his job.Paul had a drink in one hand and a piece of fried chicken in the other, as he had been doing for more than a year.Paul almost did not get out of bed, eating and drinking by his mother to the mouth, suddenly Paul felt a sharp pain in his stomach, like an explosion in his stomach, pain Paul was alive and well, Paul repeatedly tried to remember to take a mobile phone to call the hospital.The pain in his stomach and the weight of his fat restricted Paul’s movement, and all he could do was writhe and roll on the ground like a giant worm.Finally got the mobile phone, called the hospital, the first time unexpectedly no one answered.He made a second phone call and finally got through, explaining his situation and where he lived. The paramedics soon came to Paul’s house and looked at Paul’s enormous size. They gasped, “I’m afraid it’s not a ‘monster’, it’s too big.”Paramedics tried to help Paul up, weighing nearly 500kg – the equivalent of six or seven adult men – but he was too heavy to use and had to be carried on a stretcher.Finally, part of the wall where the door was was removed so that Paul could go out and take an ambulance to the hospital for treatment.In 2002, Paul was lying in the hospital. Facing the doctor’s inquiry, Paul honestly confessed his course of gaining weight and regretted his behavior.He wanted to lose weight, but such a high weight, it is difficult to lose weight, the doctor told Paul, if you want to lose weight must be stomach, liposuction surgery, otherwise the weight can only maintain more than 400 kilograms, no matter how to control the diet, can not change the status quo of overweight.Paul agreed with the doctor to carry out an operation on their own, cut off a part of the stomach, and then take out a lot of fat, Paul also successfully reduced the weight to 300 kilograms, fully took out more than 100 kilograms of fat.For safety reasons, doctors did not drain Paul’s fat all at once. Instead, they chose to treat him in stages, along with medication.By 2008, Paul’s weight had dropped to more than 200 kilograms, which was still obese for normal people. However, as long as he adhered to a healthy diet, regular work and rest, and appropriate exercise, Paul could get back to normal. But the accident still happened.Paul weight is cut down, but the skin is flabby, whenever Paul start way, rickety skin make him a headache, he wants to remove excess skin, in an accidental opportunity, Paul met Rebecca, after two people chat, feel very appropriate, after together, Rebecca card invite Paul to the United States, skin excision surgery,And help Paul get a job, spend some sweet time with Rebecca.Paul came to the United States, see his lover, accompanied by Rebecca card, the excess skin cut off to the hospital, after a period of time to recover, Paul is close to a normal healthy body, but not for a long time, Paul, difficult to adapt to the high strength work, he can do to start from the simple work, such as share housework for his girlfriend,Paul went to a logistics company as a delivery clerk, although the income is not high, but in Rebecca’s company, Paul is very happy.Paul is a British, and his visa to live in the United States has expired. If he wants to stay in the United States, he must have a stable source of income, or Rebecca’s income must support both of them.Rebecca, after all, was a woman, and she could only work for a meager income, barely paying rent and transportation while taking care of Paul and her own life, which was obviously unrealistic.Paul also gradually become not love work, disappointed Rebecca left Paul, so, Paul returned to a person’s life.Paul completely gave up life, he began to abandon himself, no work income, Paul sold his mother’s house, the money to buy food, and re-interpreted that period of overeating days.When Paul collapsed, he was found and taken to the hospital, but there was nothing the doctors could do, because Paul had had liposuction in the past, based on normal physical indicators, but now Paul’s heart pressure was very high, and he was at risk of sudden death.The doctor who treated Paul said, “I’m sorry to tell you that your body is too large. If you die, we can’t transport your body to the crematorium because the furnace won’t fit. We will have to send you to the abattoir, where you will be disposed of in the manner that animals burn.”When Paul heard this, he was completely despondent that he would end up like the animals. He knew it would be so miserable, and he should not have been greedy and raised so fat. But there is no medicine for regret.