Marbury meets the devil!Guangdong team into the block, into the playoffs to Beijing team water

2022-04-24 0 By

The CBA officially announced the schedule of the third phase of the regular season on February 14, Beijing time. The games will be held in shenyang and Shunde on March 1.North Control Team, Xinjiang Team and Tianjin Team in the competition for the playoffs are arranged in the Shunde division. At present, North Control team leads Xinjiang team by 2 games and Tianjin Team by 3 games. With only 10 rounds remaining in the regular season, this lead was relatively safe.Marbury must be thinking about the bitter history of last season’s playoff exit.BeiKong team behind ten round, schedule the difficulty level of absolute is a devil, 10 games, there are two games against guangdong, two games against the shenzhen team, and 2 times Beijing city brother six games for BeiKong team, this would be to lose to win more less, may even be a games without a win, have strong teams, the strength of the team, even with the last eight are hard to parry.Now the North Control team, the defensive line is tight, originally Zhang Fan has been absent from the second phase of the game, the second phase of the end, Liao Sanning suffered injuries, season expense, Marbury in the no. 1 position no one available, which makes the North Control team’s internal strength at a discount.In the past two seasons, The North Control Team has accumulated too many players at the 4-5 positions. Zou Yuchen, Wang Shaojie, Yu Changdong and Sun Tonglin seem to be strong and strong, but actually none of them can play, and the results of the North Control team are not good.There is also no wing player with outstanding shooting ability in the third position of the forward line. After The firing of Lee Gun, the forward line of the North Control team has no hope.Marbury’s coaching, before the new rules of foreign aid, relying on foreign aid can also enter the playoffs, 4 quarters and 4 times of foreign aid use regulations, no matter how many foreign aid signing is useless, the real strong team, all need strong local players as the core, which is the lack of North Control team.North Control team want to keep the ranking, keep the playoff quota, it is very difficult to win against Guangdong team, after all, suffered from the second stage of the trough, Guangdong team also need to win to catch up with the top four.And Shenzhen team, the north control team’s inside advantage on Shen Zijie also does not appear, to get a victory, the opportunity to hold the ranking will increase.Real decision BeiKong’s team to the playoffs, perhaps is the locker room, chase BeiKong team of xinjiang men’s basketball team, and will also be in guangdong, shenzhen and Beijing, if Beijing city water brothers, full scope, xinjiang, will give BeiKong team get the advantage of two wins, is most likely to go beyond BeiKong opponent team also was done not have.