Protect the peace I am on guard thousands of reunion I escort

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Whether that occupy the home for the holiday or visiting relatives and friends in the home during the Spring Festival is the most often go to the place because of the use of fire during the Chinese New Year increased use of high-power heating power frequency electrical appliances cause slightly do not pay attention to the result will be a family fires during the Spring Festival, jiulongpo district fire rescue team fire propagandist successively into the south garden residential area, such as the combination of urban residential fire cases,Inform residents of fire hazards that are easily ignored in daily life, and repeatedly remind residents to correctly use electrical equipment and gas equipment.Fire protection propagandist to household publicity fire safety knowledge materials old community, new residential……Fire propagandists take the initiative to communicate with residents to explain in detail how to prevent electrical fire, liquefied gas leakage fire, oil pan fire and other common family fire knowledge.Fire propagandists inform residents of the common fire hazards in the kitchen to remind the general public “three clearance three clearance three check” home do not forget fire safety every household fire pipe day and night reported peace pay attention to fire safety happy year more peaceful year