Seven and a half million coupons!Free from January 26

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Under the guidance of the Provincial Department of Commerce and the municipal People’s Government, sponsored by changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce and undertaken by the People’s Government of Kaifu District, Hunan Branch of China UnionPay and Hunan Branch of China Construction Bank, the shopping and consumption Festival of “Fuman Star City” will start on January 26th.The consumption Festival is a powerful measure to implement the decision and deployment of The State Council of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of Commerce and the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government to comprehensively promote consumption, aiming to stimulate the consumption potential of citizens and promote the growth of changsha’s 2022 Spring Festival consumption market.During the activity, a total of 7.5 million yuan of electronic consumption coupons will be issued to comprehensively promote the consumption atmosphere of the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival, further release consumer demand and drive consumption growth in the city.It is understood that the 14th full star city fu “shopping festival consumption offline launch ceremony on January 26, 2022 afternoon in changsha kaifu district parking ticket in rich international square, this launching ceremony in addition to publishing, 2021 in changsha city night economy demonstration series selection outside links such as opening ceremony, there will be ten thousand yuan cash prize free extract:6 first prize, 1000 yuan each;20 second prize, 500 yuan each;The third prize 20, each 200 yuan, citizens can participate in the scene of the lucky draw.From January 26 to February 28 02, a total of 7.5 million yuan was invested in “Fumanchu Star City” consumer coupons, and 180,000 electronic coupons were issued to the market in the form of electronic coupons.The event invited 70 shopping malls, supermarkets, catering and other business circulation enterprises, about 3424 stores to participate in the event, involving wholesale and retail, catering and accommodation, entertainment and leisure and other diversified business.Online e-coupons will be distributed in two phases before the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival. The specific distribution time is as follows: the first phase: January 26, 27 and 28 at 20:00 every night;Phase ii: 20:00 every evening, February 13th and 14th;Limited quantity, while stocks last.Citizens can grab coupons on changsha Business wechat public account, changsha “Fuman Star City” consumption promotion platform mini program, Changsha “Fuman Star City” consumption voucher receiving page, China Union Pay “Cloud Flash payment” APP, CCB Life APP and other platforms within the specified time.1. According to the preferential intensity, the consumption coupon of this activity is divided into 4 grades: 20 yuan (40 yuan), 50 yuan (100 yuan), 100 yuan (200 yuan) and 200 yuan (400 yuan).Citizens can receive the above four e-coupons free of charge on the prescribed platforms according to their own needs.2. After receiving the e-coupon successfully, it can be used by the relevant enterprises and businesses in Changsha participating in the 14th “Blessing City Star City” Consumption Festival.3. When consumers go to the store, they need to use the Cloud Flash payment APP or “CCB Life” APP to pay the expenses. When the rules of using the coupons are met, the coupons will automatically become effective and the corresponding amount will be offset.4. Only one coupon can be used for each purchase.5. The consumption voucher must be used within the validity period, which is valid within 12 days from the date of receipt.Source │ Changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Kaifu District Bureau of Commerce editor │ Peng Yuchun first instance │ Rao Li second instance │ Zhang Hongye third instance │ Li Yaxiong production │ Kaifu Rong Media Center