Sujiatuo town held electric bicycle charging pile safety operation coordination meeting

2022-04-24 0 By

In order to continue to track the operation of electric vehicle charging piles in the town, and coordinate the safe use and later operation and maintenance, On February 9, Guo Xingyu, deputy mayor of Sujiatuo Town, presided over the safe operation coordination meeting of electric bicycle charging piles.Pan Yongwei, general manager of Anhe Renjia Property Management Company, and relevant personnel of Ping an Construction Office (safety production), power supply office and third-party installation company attended the meeting.Relevant units, respectively, to report the current pile battery power and price, using and billing methods, late propaganda and operations such as the progress of the work, the meeting request to strictly abide by the laws and regulations, to carry out the principal responsibility, strengthen patrol patrol, resolutely put an end to electric fly line charging and into illegal behavior, such as building parking build specification used good atmosphere.The meeting stressed that clear goals should be set to thoroughly improve the phenomenon of disorderly storage and charging of electric vehicles to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.To put the people’s sense of gain, satisfaction in the first place, the property and installation company to do a good job of operation coordination, there are problems and hidden problems to solve in a timely manner, refuse to drag blame;We should constantly adjust and improve our working methods according to the feedback, strengthen the connectivity of various departments and units, work together and cooperate with each other, improve work efficiency, and do a good job in this project benefiting the people.