This young judge, who was born after 1985, is a beam of chivalrous light into good law and governance

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“I have a strong sense of responsibility. I dare to take on heavy responsibilities and bite hard bones.”Xuzhou Fengxian county court party members, full time member of the trial committee Zhou Honglin so evaluation of her.As a young judge born after 1985, Li Xiaoxia has worked at the Fengxian County Court in Xuzhou for 10 years, from 2011 to 2021.The art of mediation behind “straight” and “song” “Finished, all the family money is lost.”In February 2019, sitting on the ridge of the field liu looked at the orchard large areas of dead peach trees, feeling the sky collapsed.In 2018, Liu mou in Fengxian Shizhai Town Liu Xiaoling village contracted to plant 100 acres of peach trees.Get up early and go dark in Liu pay, fruit trees grow happy.In February 2019, Liu bought nearly 10 tons of three brands of chemical fertilizer, but in the use of a brand of chemical fertilizer fertilization, we are about to hang fruit peach trees appear a large area of death, the death area of 60 acres.Liu mou immediately found the defendant fan mou claim compensation.In May 2019, the two parties reached an agreement after their own mediation, agreeing to compensate the plaintiff for the loss of 500,000 yuan taoshu in three batches.Soon the first payment time expires, the defendant does not fulfill the payment obligation belatedly however, Liu mou sues the defendant to fengxian court.”No discussion, peach trees are dead, I really can not live…”Li Xiaoxia clearly remembers, plaintiff Liu mou is on the phone wording is fierce.”At the beginning was by his coercion to write iOU, I do not recognize, I want to apply for appraisal.I will appeal even if I lose.”At first, the defendant fan was determined, there was no room for a moderation.”I’m afraid we can’t reconcile.”The judge’s assistant, who knows the case, said.At first, the mediation went poorly.Somewhere in the plaintiff Liu, Li Xiaoxia ate two consecutive “closed door soup”.The defendant fan mou just repeatedly complained about their grievances, compensation did not mention a word.Successive setbacks did not let Li Xiaoxia retreat, but is to stimulate her stubborn strength.She quickly identified the “root of the disease” on both sides.Lasting 7 days of heart-to – heart mediation, both sides finally reached a mediation agreement, the orchard storm also settled at this point.The judicial attitude behind the “big” and “small” is in the front line of civil trials, facing the “honest officials are difficult to resolve” parents, is laughing tears of human changes.There are not too many major cases in grassroots courts, often trivial disputes between the masses, but these “trivial” are “big” in her mind.One day in October 2021, a young couple came to the courthouse.Originally, the couple just decorated their love nest, ready to move in with joy, but do not want to be due to the upstairs decoration water leakage and seedlings.Husband and wife two a paper complaint will upstairs neighbor feng County court, undertake the case is the judge Li Xiaoxia.At the beginning of the mediation, the two sides did not want to compromise, so the case was at an impasse.Although the judge is a new team, it is a case mediation expert, years of work experience let Li Xiaoxia understand, people sometimes do not understand that “reason”, but swallow the mouth “qi”.So, in the second mediation, Li Xiaoxia avoided the focus of the dispute between the two sides, began to ask the plaintiff housing decoration of some problems.This kind looks like “avoid the heavy and light” method let plaintiff opened chatterbox, slowly say these years oneself for the house is not easy, now have no room can live more full of grievance.Hearing what the plaintiff said, the defendant also felt guilty and offered to pay compensation and respect the court’s mediation.The two neighbors shook hands and made peace with each other.”Before life was hectic, now life is racing against time, I wish I had three heads and six arms.”Just finished court back Li Xiaoxia said with a smile to reporters.As soon as she took her seat back in the office, she opened a file.This is an obstruction case.The plaintiff is an old woman over sixty years old bu Mou, more than ten years ago after the death of her husband, Bu Mou will live outside with their children.Do not come home all the year round she come back accidentally, discover oneself field unexpectedly was planted 9 lines of corn by other family, one inquire, be oneself husband’s close brother Wang mou is for.After bargaining fruitless, bu mou sues to fengxian court.With the in-depth visit, Li Xiaoxia found that if the case is just a simple verdict, the family rift will eventually be unable to be healed, or we should try our best to mediate.Not long ago, reporters followed Li Xiaoxia on a mediation trip.In Zhaozhuang Town Wangxuewu village Committee, the court, grid members, village secretary, both parties gathered together, once again to carry out mediation work…Back to the office again, the window is already thousands of lights, Li Xiaoxia gave a simple call to the children at home, and then opened a new file.Research work advanced individuals, advanced workers, excellent judges, top ten political and legal police……Since joining the ranks of post judges, Li Xiaoxia has concluded a total of 1,742 cases, including 219 cases of various types in 2020 and 332 cases of various types in 2021.