Winter Olympics scene | This ice and snow date “green”

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“Green” has become the highlight of this Winter Olympics green venues, green energy, green travel…Beijing Olympics to the international community China presented a light green transcripts with the cries curling athletes with ice brush to wipe the delicate jars in white ice ice slide on the stage of the curling “smart war” athletes “ice cube” is not just a curling venues as simple as it is by the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games main swimming center “water cube”Built into a detachable, temporary “ice water conversion” of the large engineering “ice cube” curling arena.The Beijing Winter Olympics have provided an exterior view of the water Cube, China’s solution to the changing Olympics.Xinhua News Agency reporter Luo XiaoguangTaken Beijing games organizers said Liu Xinping result in overall planning for sustainable development in order to reduce adverse impacts on the ecological environment in Beijing Olympics venues in the planning, construction and after the use of the whole process of operation to carry out the ecological priority principle of maximum use of existing venues and facilities in accordance with the standards of green building construction or renovation venues and facilities to a high standard promote man and the regional ecological environment protectionOn the evening of February 4th, the opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium in Beijing.It’s a fireworks display.The Water Cube, the national Aquatics Center, has converted its swimming pool into a curling track, while the Bird’s Nest, Wukesong, Capital Arena and National Stadium have all been upgraded to double Olympic venues.China’s Gu Ailing won the women’s freestyle ski platform final at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games at the Shougang Ski platform in Beijing.The former coal cleaning workshop has been transformed into a national winter sports training center. Standing on the bank of Qunming Lake, the former Cooling tower of Shougang has witnessed the splendid national Speed Skating Stadium for the Big jump competition of the Beijing Winter Olympics.The new venue also fully practices the concept of green Olympic ice competition venue — the National Speed Skating Hall, also known as the “ice Ribbon” as the speed skating competition venue, the “ice Ribbon” adopts advanced, environmentally friendly ice making technology to create the “fastest ice”, it is understood,All the new indoor venues for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will meet the three-star green building standard

“A wind blows from spring to winter on the dam, blowing out yam eggs and scraping out the bottom layer of the plough.”Zhangjiakou is known as “the hometown of wind, the ocean of light” is one of the most abundant wind and solar energy resources in North China zhangjiakou is known as “the hometown of wind, the ocean of light”.Image: visual China “Zhang Bei wind light Beijing lamp” — this is before the Beijing Olympics was praised by the romantic story of Beijing Olympics three division 26 pavilion historic first all green electricity supply and that all is from zhangjiakou wind energy, light energy into green energy “snow for” green power light bright.Photo source:Vision China on February 6, is located in zhangjiakou division at eight o ‘clock in the morning the priorities of hebei north electric co., LTD., the games are the power supply security field headquarters is in daily operation dispatch meetings “our monitoring data show that zhangjiakou division four competition venues maximum power load, are in the range of electric capacity allocation, all kinds of electric equipment operation stable and reliable,The task of maintaining power on the first day of the game was successfully completed.”Chen Junfa, head of the operation group of the sub-headquarters, said that recently, the State Grid Beijing maintenance company zhangbei soft direct project operation and maintenance personnel in yanqing converter station to carry out equipment inspection, to ensure the reliable supply of green electricity for the Winter Olympics venues.So how is this “green electricity” delivered to the venues in Zhangjiakou, Beijing? “Thanks to the Zhangbei Flexible DC power transmission project in Zhangjiakou.”Its Chinese hebei north electric co., LTD., deputy director of the games do LeiWeiMin said Zhang Bei 666 km of flexible HVDC project is the world’s first collection and transmission of large-scale wind power, photovoltaic (pv), energy storage, smoking and other forms of energy storage four-terminal flexible dc grid on which it is from zhangjiakou area of green power safely and efficiently transport to Beijing, Beijing and zhangjiakou zhangjiakou divisionState Grid Jibei Electric Power Company and State Grid General Navigation Company conducted a helicopter power-up in Guanting Reservoir of Huailai County for important power transmission lines related to The Olympics to ensure the safe and stable operation of the lines and ensure the continuous and stable supply of low-carbon green electricity for the Winter Olympics.The Xinhua News Agency Yang Shiyao perturbation in the worship ceremony outside more than ten degrees below zero cold end the museum still warm according to the conference venue, the games village, and so on all use electric heating system, heating equipment using electricity from zhangjiakou all green electricity “in order to make up for” green power “, it is concluded that, with a good, hebei north ZhuWangJia upgrade power increase in zhangjiakou area.”Lei Weimin said that the core area of chongli Winter Olympics has formed 500 kv multi-channel 220 kv double ring network 110 kv double chain type 10 kv “double ring network + double radiation” grid structure integrated grid reliability reached the international advanced level

As a bus driver, Zhang Yanru has driven gasoline cars, gas cars and hydrogen fuel cell cars. “Unlike gasoline cars, which need to be heated in advance, and pure electric cars, which charge slowly and lose a lot at low temperature, they are different.Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle refueling fast, can realize -30℃ low temperature start.The vehicle is labor-intensive and quiet, it eats hydrogen in and emits water out.”Zhang Yanru said the hydrogen fuel cell bus in Zhangjiakou city.The Great Wall net, reporter JiYun client Ho lee was taken the hydrogen is green low-carbon clean energy has the characteristics of energy supply speed is less than traditional fossil energy, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles car every 100 kilometers can reduce about 70 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to the uptake of 14 normal trees day compared with the traditional fossil energy vehicles,Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 70kg per 100km, equivalent to the amount absorbed by 14 ordinary trees in a day.”During the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, all the supporting vehicles in the core area of Zhangjiakou Will use hydrogen fuel cell buses, and the proportion of clean energy vehicles will reach the highest level in previous Winter Olympics.”Rui Yongqiang, general director of bus team of Zhangjiakou district of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, said, “Many routes have been running for 24 hours since the start of the games, and the hydrogen cars have been running smoothly in chongli at -20℃ at night.”A pipe that carries hydrogen.These winter Olympics support vehicles are also equipped with the country’s first “U degree” integrated thermal management technology, which can use waste heat generated by hydrogen fuel cells for interior heating and defrosting and fog removal of the front wind window February 2, the closed loop traffic buses waiting for the stop.Hebei Daily reporter ZhangSon was taken to meet the energy needs of hydrogen energy vehicles worship ritual games are core with courtesy south, north and prince city three hydrogenated stands for hydrogen fuel cell car service the TA – 3 athletes dedicated line inside the zhangjiakou division athletes in the games village BanCheZhan and national ski jumping center is responsible for this back and forth between the lines of one of the pilot Han Shuo said hydrogen energy buses and minibusesThe full gas endurance is about 300 km and 100 km respectively according to statistics,The Olympics are three division were demonstration run over 1000 hydrogen car is equipped with more than 30 filling station is the world’s largest a fuel-cell vehicle demonstration also makes hydrogen fuel cell car green do the one bright spot make Beijing Olympics the green sustainable winter games has been China’s goal of this effort is not only reflected in the large also reflected in the landscape planningAll kinds of small details in the western Han Dynasty environmental protection concept combined with modern sports civilization creative collision of the new Beijing Winter Olympics flame lantern, changxin palace lantern again amazing the world changxin palace lantern.Zhao Tao, director of the Education and sports Bureau in Mancheng District, Baoding city, Hebei Province, said, “Changxin Palace lanterns are the inspiration for the winter Olympics. They combine the ancient and the modern to interpret the concept of ‘hosting the Olympics green’.”City full of cultural relics, liang yan dong introduced long letter palace lantern amazing in its environmental protection concept of palace lantern kneeling, overall modelling is a palace maid image maid-in-waiting keeps a light on the left hand holding the lamp plate lamp plate with short shank and two pieces of arc plate and adjust the brightness and light direction by boosting FRP maid-in-waiting lifted his right arm sleeves connected to the hollow body formed along the flue candle soot maid-in-waiting sleeves into the bodyThe opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium in Beijing on Feb 4.Not only that, the torch relay in Beijing will use hydrogen fuel, the Olympic Games will use corn, potato and other renewable resources as raw materials for the production of degradable tableware…The opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium in Beijing on February 4.This is the “Snowflake” part of the opening ceremony.Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu XuTaken in the conference “overlay” hiding “sustainable” also in zhangjiakou division among a lot of the venues will be met with environmental protection plate of the roof of the chamber room color wooden partition is tie-in black roof covering heat preservation material each house face similar signs show that only the door with their different purpose is that they are the games “temporary buildings” on January 27,A reporter takes photos at the mixed media area of the Winter Olympics village in Zhangjiakou.Photo source:Xinhua temporary construction area of 30000 square meters 90% whole division games are functional requirements depended on overlay compared with permanent construction application of temporary buildings more intuitively embodies the concept of “sustainable” the overlay material is lease they facilitate tear open change movement for solid, after repeated use according to the design after the Olympics would leave behind only in the 15000 – square – meterBuilt using will tear down the rest of them will come back to the next “task” green environmental protection to run behind the concept is one of China’s power as the first promise to do the carbon neutral country China will write history also provides to the world how to deal with the good relations with the natural development and the protection scheme, China wisdom source: JiYun sources:Hengshui News Network