You are experiencing: the real dialogue between husband and wife family is thought-provoking, and the ending is sad and helpless

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Today, I saw a video that I feel it is necessary to share with you. This is a dialogue between a young couple who take care of the elderly. They will experience and encounter this matter.Liu and his wife, osmanthus is a more than 30 years old couple, two of them are graduated from school, married just a few years, there are more than a one-year-old baby, two people also came to the south a company after graduation to work, xiao liu is now a team leader of a company, work is very busy, the wife osmanthus because the child is still small, home and old old man, had to temporarily stopped working at home care for the elderly and children.Xiao Liu came home from work in the evening. After dinner, his wife discussed with him.Wife: THERE is one thing I want to discuss with you, afraid you don’t agree!Xiao Liu: What is it?Never done that before?Wife: our son is more than one year old now, his grandma is so (paralyzed), I can’t go to work, all the expenses in the home depend on you a person is also very hard.Xiao Liu: Isn’t it just as hard for you to take care of your children and the elderly at home?What is it…Wife: Just…Mom’s getting worse. She’s constantly incontinent, and she’s crapping her pants, and I want to put mom in a nursing home where there’s a nursing home. I…I don’t mean anything!You see, we have small children, our mother’s clothes can be changed, if the laundry may not be so timely.Xiao Liu: I can understand your idea, but do you know that sending a nursing home costs a lot of money even for a month? You just change our mother’s clothes, and I will come back to wash the dirty clothes in the evening.Wife: But you are tired from working all day.Xiao Liu: Even when you are tired, you have to wash. This is what children should do!Wife: But clothes in the house will smell very heavy, hot days also attract flies ah!Xiao Liu: What you mean is that we have to send our mother to a nursing home, right?Wife: How nice it would be to have someone take care of you in a nursing home!Xiao Liu: If the za mother is a mother-in-law, do you still dislike?Wife, our son was only a year old, he excrement pulled to pants, WE not only do not dislike, but also willing to change, but our seventy years old niang, if did the same thing as his son, but we will be disliked.Our son is so carefree now that he doesn’t have to worry about food and clothes, but our 70-year-old mother worries that one day we won’t have to feed her!Wife, life is a cycle, how children grow up, how old people degenerate, our mother’s dirty clothes you keep for me, you do not wash I will not blame you, because she raised me did not raise you, but I hope you treat this matter patiently.Because life is a reincarnation, who also can not escape, including you and me.When I listened to this couple’s dialogue, the heart of mixed feelings, both sad and helpless.Yes, such a thing everyone will experience and encounter, wife osmanthus at home to take care of children and the elderly, also very hard, which can be imagined hardship, but, send the elderly nursing home she can not go out to work ah, let alone the husband does not want to do so.The husband of the old man liu Xiaojing is beyond reproach, in the dialogue, the words of the heart, the contrast of the image can not be refuted, but also revealed a lot of helplessness.Around us, there are not many people like Xiao Liu and his wife in this situation. They want to take good care of the elderly and children, and want to improve their lives, but they are unable to do so.Whose family is not a feather, seemingly behind the scenery, hidden how many family overworked and painstaking efforts, it can be said: easy to live, easy to live, life is not easy!For Xiao Liu this kind of situation, whether we have other idea, we discuss together!