City walk: supervise the work of safe production in villages and towns during Spring Festival

2022-04-25 0 By

Supervise power facility construction and rescue work in Jintong Mountain village, Wutuan Town.In Dankou town shuangshun village to inspect the situation of road traffic safety card.Rednetwork moment February 3 news (correspondent Luo Gaolin MAO Xuejun) February 1, the first day of the New Year, Chengbu Miao autonomous county party secretary Yu Xunwei led a team into some towns to supervise the emergency construction of power facilities, the masses of fire and electricity, frozen road traffic and other aspects of safety production work.At the scene of the five group town jin village power supply circuit repair, Yu Xun wei details about the progress of the repair work and difficulty, told the construction site of the staff, for their own safety protection work at the same time, with the fastest speed to eliminate the safety hidden trouble of the power supply circuit, with practical action to safeguard the people production and living of the electric safety during Spring Festival.In Taolin village and Shuangshun village, Dankou Town, Yu Xunwei visited villagers’ homes and safety checkpoints to ask about the control of fire, electricity and frozen roads.He stressed that all departments at all levels should be tightens security this string, give top priority to the people’s life and property safety, the villages and towns should be held by yard, organize party members and cadres away village household publicity for the villagers to issue the fire safety knowledge, flyer, “coverage rang” radio broadcast production safety knowledge, so that the masses tree production safety consciousness;Want to do a good job of traffic control icy roads, for the ice to place warning signs and frozen section, the need to arrange personnel on duty, strengthen the patrol patrol, first eliminate the road safety hidden trouble, at the same time do a good job in near the masses and the interpretation of the vehicles and QuanFan work and ensure the safety of the masses through a happy Spring Festival.