Gaoping District, Nanchong city, Sichuan Province, takes “three stricts and one Solid” measures to build a “protective wall” of food safety before the Holiday

2022-04-25 0 By

China quality news dispatch (reporter Gareth kung) of the Spring Festival will come, in order to ensure the security of jurisdiction food, create a stable and peaceful thick atmosphere, combined with “thunderbolt action 2022 enforcement actions, sichuan nanchong takatsubo area market supervision and administration of planning in advance, go all out, highlight the” steady tightening a real “measures, climaxing food safety” battle “,Build a “protective wall” of food safety before the holiday.First, we will strictly control key areas.In light of the characteristics of consumption during the Spring Festival, and in response to food problems that have great social response and strong public response, strengthen food safety supervision in key areas such as catering, cold chain food, infant formula food, health food, and rural market food, and urge food producers and traders to operate in good faith and by the law.At the same time, strict implementation of operating standards, certification and ticket, purchase inspection, personnel health management and other requirements, to prevent unqualified food into the market.Second, we will strictly control food risks.Supervision and sampling inspection should be carried out on rice, bulk liquor, edible oil, meat products, bagged food, pastry and other foods with high public concern, high risk index and large consumption.Since the launch, seven varieties of 100 batches of food have been randomly checked.At the same time, centralized supervision and nucleic acid testing of cold chain food imported and from medium – and high-risk areas in China were strengthened, with centralized supervision over 116 tons of cold chain disinfection goods, 287 nucleic acid samples tested, and 759 nucleic acid tests conducted by relevant personnel, all of which were negative.Third, crack down on illegal activities.Vigorously carry out the “three nots”, “two more than one non”, expired or deteriorated, fake and shoddy food, food that does not meet food safety standards, false publicity, fraudulent sales and other illegal activities, strengthen the investigation and investigation of major cases and the intensity of exposure, strengthen law enforcement deterrence.At present, more than 300 law enforcement personnel have been dispatched, 12 notices of correction have been issued, and 26 illegal food cases have been investigated.Fourth, we will improve the effectiveness of handling.Fully relying on the complaint reporting platform, strengthen the handling of food safety complaints and reports, and improve the public’s happiness and satisfaction with food safety.Strengthen emergency guard, to ensure that once food safety emergencies can be quickly taken measures, organize forces to timely and effective disposal, so far has accepted 12 complaints about food from the masses, the investigation and completion rate reached 100%.