Good!A new general hospital was built in changsha city

2022-04-25 0 By

Recently, the topic of the second meeting of the 2022 Pre-review meeting of the control regulation Modification of Changsha Territorial Space Planning Committee was announced, among which Changsha Lushan Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. proposed the modification of the plot planning of Jinxing Road hatchback unit and Leifeng Avenue hatchback unit control regulation C07-A22, C07-A26-01 and C07-A26-02.Specifically, it is planned to adjust the land nature of C07-A26-01 and C07-A26-02 to residential and commercial land with a ratio of 1:9, and integrate Jinking Hospital (C07-A22 plot) and Gushan Hospital (C07-A115 plot) to form a general hospital. The new population will be matched with corresponding land for primary and secondary schools and parkland.Gas station location adjustment.The specific location is located in the northeast of changwang Road and north second ring on-ramp, southwest of Yue ‘anshan Park.With the original planned hospital (southeast of the junction between Yumutang Road and Yuehua Road), the total area reaches 2.5 hectares, meeting the supporting needs of Guanshaling area.Guanshaling area in the north of The city government, as a key urban renewal area of Changsha, relying on the rich educational resources and unique geographical advantages, with an investment of 36 billion yuan, will be built into the highland of the integration of education and city, the benchmark of livable new city, the model of smart urban area and the model of urban renewal.