Grandma knits 14,000 yuan luxury sweater for her grandson!Net friend: I have the same grandma

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Today, when shopping is extremely convenient, hand-knitted sweaters seem to be far away from us. But who hasn’t seen a few “warm brand” sweaters hand-made by family members?A 72-year-old grandmother in Qingdao, Shandong province, recently caught the attention of netizens because she hand-knitted a sweater of the same style for her grandson, which costs 14,000 yuan.A month later, grandma knitted an almost identical sweater and gave it to her grandson.Treasure mother very touched did not think of oneself casually say mother-in-law but remember in the heart also “sneak” bought colored wool spent a month to personally knit a sweater will be sent to the video on the Internet ~ however, this sweater can not be woven!Grandma Wang said:This is one of the most complicated sweaters she’s ever made and you have to use six different colors of wool on one side of the sweater, dark blue, light blue, light beige and you have to calculate the area of each color and some of them are too large,Some of the small proportion, the need to consider well before the next needle stitching color in order to handle the sweater design requires not only time against the original layout needle at the same time will bring together all sorts of color neat “almost a dozen needle will change a change other color yarn” but see grandson to wear in the body so beautiful grandma wang think again hard also value!Such a complex sweater can be perfect reduction xiaobian feel grandma must have the skills!Sure enough, Grandma Wang loved to study knitting when she was young!Also specially looking for someone to buy a book from Shanghai to learn to knit a sweater to follow the book to write their own slowly study Grandma Wang said, she has two children, before every Chinese New Year when the two children wear their own sweater to go to visit relatives, especially face!▷ When Wang was young,To his son made sweater and pants delta king’s grandmother to grandson made other clothes and hat to see many people here say “envy jealousy hate” paragraphs with different key is grandma’s second glimmer of woven out so it’s not a common sweater many netizens also drying out his old man’s “warm card” sweater like this sweater grandma online selling more than thirty thousand shots,△ Photo provided: Tang Tuan Mom’s handmade shoes appear on the stage this is too cute △ Weibo user Meow Meow Meow 2828 However, some netizens worry about whether the sweater made by imitating the brand involves brand infringement.In response, the lawyer said: not for profit, does not constitute infringement people wear “warm brand” sweater?Source: Hebei Young Pioneers, News square, @dazhong network • Poster News, @Star video, @Jiamu News, Nonghao Shanghai Editor: Fang Shujing, Su Haojun, Chen Zhaoyue Editor: Ma Jianwen