Watch Douyin Wang Pang fight with his wife about investing in farming

2022-04-25 0 By

These days because come out to look for a job is not smooth, so also want to learn wang fat especially go home to breed calculate.But see a lot of people breeding is not smooth.And other families are also rich and talented, and know how to plan, Douyin is also done very well.They don’t make much money. I wonder what advantage I have over them. Nothing.What, just by the blood of the mouth?Farming requires a lot of things.You know, we can’t even find a good vet there, so it’s nothing.I guess I’m gonna have to put that idea to rest.Really feel like Ma said at night to think about a thousand roads, get up during the day to take the old road.It really feels that people can walk more and more narrow road, also more and more few opportunities!