Youth leads by example

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Recently, the second batch of “Good Teenagers in the New Era” in Nanjing city in 2021 was announced, and 4 teenagers from Qinhuai city were listed with outstanding deeds and strong demonstration.They put into practice the core socialist values with their actions, showed the young people in the new era to carry forward the new trend of The Times, striving to be the new generation of the good style, and set an example for the majority of their peers to learn from.Young strong China strong, let xiaoqin take everyone to see their elegant demeanour!Li Yanze: The “leader goose” of public welfare Activities (Grade 6 of Ruijin Road Primary School). He is a teenager who is enthusiastic about public welfare. He has been participating in various public welfare activities since he was seven years old.We do our best to contribute our love to the society by providing volunteer services such as donation of love to the Dream Classroom and project plan of “Dream Transformation + Care plan”.As the team leader of “Red Scarf”, he led the team members to participate in various public welfare activities and won the title of “Excellent Eagle Holiday Team” for many times.From following his family at first, to working as a volunteer independently, and then to helping other students around him, volunteering has become his way of growth. He has constantly spread love and dedication on the road of public welfare.He also spread patriotic power by making Marine models, and won the second prize of the “Big One” commemorative ship (Red Boat) Marine architecture Model Competition of Jiangsu Province.Li Youjia: “Inheritor and Narrator” of traditional culture (Grade 6, Xiaoxihu Primary School) She tries her best to tell nanjing stories.In the video “Define Nanjing with Youth”, children’s rhymes are used to introduce nanjing’s long culture and history to the world;Served as the guide of laomen East Historical District, promoting the Culture of The Qin and Huai Dynasties;As a volunteer of the bookstore, she is responsible for introducing local history of Nanjing and is an excellent commentator of Nanjing culture.She insists on inheriting traditional culture and has won the first and second prizes in the National Painting and calligraphy competition for primary and middle school students and the poetry competition held in Jiangsu Province for many times.In life, she was enthusiastic about public welfare and returned money. She had taken the initiative to hand in a mobile phone picked up in jiangning Longhu Tianjie shopping mall, and was praised by the police uncle.She is self-discipline and self-improvement, study in learning, good at thinking of “outstanding students” not only actively participated in competition and won the prize, face-to-face also active in the vocal music class, chorus, fuck, science and technology organizations, many times was named “miyoshi students” and “outstanding young pioneers”, she USES action shows the new times youth optimistic enterprising, up to the good beautiful elegant appearance,In 2021, he was named “Jiangsu Good Teenager”.Lu Peiyi: a “little angel of civilization” (Grade 5, Jiankang Road Primary School), she has excellent grades and is enthusiastic about sunshine.Integrating science and technology innovation into her life is the source of her creation. With the image of an angel in white going to the front line to fight against the epidemic, she designed and produced 3D work “When I Went to The Black hair, Returned with White hair”, which won the first prize of Jiangsu Golden Key • Youth ARTIFICIAL Intelligence Competition. Although the process of science and technology innovation is constantly difficult, she never gives up and dreams of changing life with science and technology innovation.The painting “Cherish peace and Not forget national humiliation” was collected by nanjing Folk Anti-Japanese War Museum.She was also enthusiastic about public welfare and volunteered to be a qinhuai District Peace volunteer. She participated in the activity of “A cup of ginger tea warms Nanjing” and sent warmth to the sanitation workers in the early morning of winter.She has made outstanding achievements in wind music, chorus, painting, softball and other aspects, and has won the first prize of “Dream Academy” National Children’s Calligraphy and painting Art Open competition and other honors.Her tenacity, self-confidence, self-discipline, is the new era of youth should demeanor.Xie Yunxi: a small inventor who loves to study (grade one in Zheng He Foreign Languages School), she is diligent in using her brain, good at thinking, brave in practice and innovation.Her reading and accumulation of a large amount of popular science knowledge cultivated her innovative thinking in science and technology, and her scientific papers and scientific presentations such as “Coordinates in The Game” and “So This is Bally Bridge” won prizes in national competitions.She is good at finding and thinking about how to solve problems in life. In order to solve the problem of traffic congestion at the school gate, she made “Class after school reminder”.In order to solve the problem of parking space being occupied by foreign vehicles in the community, she made “parking alarm” and won various provincial and municipal awards for many times. She hopes to make life more convenient with science and make contributions to the country.She is versatile and has made outstanding achievements in music, art, writing, speech and other aspects. She has also held her own piano concert and won honorary titles such as “Jiangsu Good Teenager” and “Nanjing Excellent Young Pioneers”.