Yuzuru Hanyu’s mother, sitting in the Capital Stadium, watching her son play!Pomelo challenge 4A tomorrow

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Beijing Time, February 9, 2022 news.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games entered the fifth day, the ice and snow events are getting better!Two superstars, Ailin Gu and Yuzuru Hanyu, have already made their debut.Gu Has already won a gold medal, while Yuzuru Hanyu had a small mistake on the first competition day, but it doesn’t matter, on February 10, men’s singles free skating, we once again witness the beauty of pomelo!On February 9, Yuzuru Hanyu trained in the Beijing Capital Competition Hall, constantly challenging the 4A he fell again and again, this trip to Beijing Winter Olympics, Yuzuru Hanyu’s coach did not come, Yuzuru Hanyu followed his mother to Beijing.On February 8, Yuzuru Hanyu’s mother watched her son play in silence.Yuzuru Hanyu, born in 1994, is only 27 years old, but he is already a veteran.That’s a little old for a figure skater.But yuzuru Hanyu is also a star who has participated in three Winter Olympics, from Sochi, Russia, to Pyeongchang, South Korea, to Beijing, China. His footprints are his shining footprints, and his fans are following them.There has been no news from Yuzuru Hanyu since the Beijing Winter Olympics opened on February 4.So much so that the whole world is looking for Hanyu.Finally, on the afternoon of February 6, Yuzuru Hanyu arrived in China. When he passed through the customs, he was still thin and weak.Yuzuru Hanyu’s opening race at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb. 8 ended with a hiccup.But on closer inspection, it turns out that the ice is uneven, prompting the humorous Yuzuru Hanyu to say, “I may be out of luck!”Tomorrow, February 10, Yuzuru Hanyu will challenge his own 4A.Wish yuanyu yuanyu can be successfully completed, look forward to, look forward to this young flower, perfect bloom!