Luxian county held Spring Festival chess champion competition

2022-04-26 0 By

The first Chinese Chess Championship to welcome the Spring Festival was held in Longcheng Chess Hall of Luxian county on February 6th, 28 chess enthusiasts from Zigong city, Longchang city of Neijiang city, Naxi district of Luzhou City, Hejiang County and Luxian County played exciting and intense high-level games for the audience.After seven rounds of points, Baodaweold Li Jinjin, the first winner of the senior group of 2017 Sichuan Chess Championship, finally won the title of the Chess Championship. Zhong Ce and Zhong Xingbin from Longchang city won the second and third place respectively.Prizes are given to the top twelve.It is reported that the chess King tournament to advocate national fitness, the development of mass sports as the core, in order to widely popularize and promote Chinese chess for the purpose of attracting the majority of chess enthusiasts to actively participate in the tournament, and gradually into a wide participation, easy to participate in the tournament, professional folk events.This tournament is sponsored by guan Xueliang and Li Ping, and co-organized by Luxian Chess Association and Longcheng Chess Museum.