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Farmers markets and some small and medium-sized supermarkets, snacks point of sale of bulk food, because of more selective, take the amount of random favored by the public.However, relative to sealed packaging of food, bulk food production date, shelf life few people pay attention to, and long-term exposure in the air, and whether it will bring problems?Recently, prosecutors from the Public procuratorial Office of The Putuo District People’s Procuratorate of Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as “Putuo District Procuratorate”) visited residential areas and streets of their jurisdiction to inspect food outlets nearby.At most of the outlets, prosecutors found that they did not comply with regulations for selling bulk food.Such as frozen balls, preserved fruit, fried peanuts, sugar and other bulk goods, container labels only indicate the name and price of the food, do not specify the production date, shelf life and the name, address, contact information of the producer and operator;Direct entry of bulk food containers without dust and fly prevention and other protective facilities, there are damp, mildew and other safety hazards, at the same time the operator itself can not accurately grasp whether the food sold within the shelf life, there is a risk of selling expired food, the health of the majority of consumers and food safety pose a potential threat.After many open and secret visits, it was found that 17 small food and snack outlets in the area had the above phenomenon when selling bulk food, and did not fully comply with the standard requirements of food safety.According to the food safety law of the People’s Republic of China, the Shanghai municipal food safety regulations, rules, food business operators in the sales of bulk food, should be in bulk food containers, the mark on the outer packing food’s name, date of production or production batch number, expiration date and production content such as name, address, contact information, an operator shall also use dustproof cover.Public prosecutors believe that bulk food production date loss, unknown shelf life and other problems, both violated the majority of consumers’ right to know, and there are food safety risks, “there may be expired food, three no food fish beads into the market risk.”The public prosecutor said.Within less than one month after receiving the procuratorial suggestions prepared and issued by the Public Procuratorial Office of Putuo District Procuratorate, relevant functional departments actively implemented the rectification, imposed administrative penalties on the 17 bulk food sellers involved in the procuratorial proposal, and sent a written reply to the Procuratorial Office of Putuo District.When the Putuo District Procuratorate followed up the investigation again, it was found that the relevant bulk food sellers had completed the rectification.Food safety is related to the health and life safety of every consumer.Food label, dust cover seems to be a small problem, but it is a basic part of food quality and safety management.At the moment of epidemic prevention and control, it is imperative to protect people’s “tongue safety”.Information: Shanghai Putuo Prosecutorial editor: Lou Jie click below to learn more new upgrade!Putuo “Place Code” 2.0 is coming @ Putuo people, epidemic prevention and control, we need you!Shanghai has not taken “lockdown” “shutdown” and other measures home fitness?Tomorrow, putuo professional coach to move!Alipay online COVID-19 antigen self-test area!