Shandong man and his wife back home, carefully prepared a car full of gifts, home by his father-in-law directly drink party

2022-04-26 0 By

A few days ago, a netizen from Jining, Shandong province shared an interesting video.A newly married man went to his mother-in-law’s house for a “New Year’s ceremony” in his first year of marriage.In order to fully demonstrate the importance of his parents, the man carefully prepared a car full of gifts, the entire trunk and the back seat, and also prepared a big red envelope!To the mother-in-law’s house, the people busy several times, this just put the gift on the car to move over.Perhaps because he thought his son-in-law was very sensible, the father-in-law clink glasses with him frequently at dinner.The man’s hospitality is difficult, although the amount of alcohol is not very good, but also can only accompany the father-in-law a cup then a cup down to drink.As a result, the man went directly to the ground after returning home.This net friends also have hot discussion: “I will be the father-in-law, I one cup, uncle two cups, I two cups, uncle four cups, don’t ask why, my father-in-law so to me.””Basically this is the pattern, many father-in-laws like to use alcohol to test some of the son-in-law’s personality, after all, there is a saying that wine shows character.””Some people don’t take so much to talk about their in-laws, while others care so much for the woman’s feelings that they have everything ready.Ah!Sure enough, people are more popular than the dead.”Have to say, this is indeed “hospitable Shandong” ah, etiquette is too grand?No matter the gift sent by the son-in-law, or the old father-in-law drank the son-in-law to party, are enthusiastic “excessive”.Of course, the ritual weight is better than the ritual light, it is drink this matter or should be appropriate, can not drink do not drink more, do not drink do not advise to drink, this is the real etiquette.What do you think?