Wu Minxia gave birth to two children a family of four hand in hand photo too sweet

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Olympic champion Wu Minxia recently posted an update on her social media platform, with the caption: “There should have been 4 people, but there were actually 4 people, and everything was’ good ‘.Wu Minxia officially announced that she had given birth to her second child, sparking heated discussion online.In the photo, the couple, their daughter and their newborn baby are seen holding four pairs of cute, plump, healthy pink hands.You can see Wu Minxia is lying on the hospital bed. I hope Wu Minxia will recover as soon as possible.It is reported that Wu Minxia gave birth to a male baby, just gather together the word “good”, see Wu Minxia official announced the news of the birth of the baby, the dynamic underground comment area of the netizens have sent blessings, hope that the baby can protect mother and sister together with his father.Wu minxia also posted a group of photos of herself a few days ago, showing her and her husband Zhang Xiaocheng reviewing their pregnancy and waiting for their second baby to be unloaded.In the photo, Wu minxia looks casual with her hair tied up casually and wearing a loose T-shirt.Wu Minxia wearing gloves, a face is very serious to make baby’s complementary food, a happy smile emerged on her face.Zhang also renovated his mansion and hung a banner on the wall that read: “Congratulations on the construction of your mansion.”Zhang Xiaocheng facial expression is very happy, super excited appearance, with the whole body in welcome the arrival of the new child.As early as wu minxia before sending video on social platforms, a caption said: “the new mom just graduated, and have a sweet little trouble ~”, in the video, wu minxia sat down with Zhang Xiaocheng the appearance of a face of serious, said he in the face of sudden arrival the second child, their reaction is very meng, when feel happiness comes too suddenly.Tell husband Zhang Xiaocheng, his reaction is also happy and surprised, two people also excited to high-five, is also very cute.Wu Minxia is Olympic champion not only, in family respect, she has a loving her husband, a sensible lovely child, now Wu Minxia has a little angel, it can be said that life is satisfactory.I wish Wu Minxia a lifetime of happiness.Source: China Net