Our Festival | Eastern New Area: the festival is civilized, voluntary care line

2022-04-27 0 By

On January 29, the theme activity of “Civilized Festival, Voluntary care trip” entered chengdu Sancha Lake Scenic area and Longma Lake Park. The activity propagated new social trends, spread the concept of civilization, and advocated “civilized New Year” and “civilized tourism”.This activity was sponsored by Chengdu Civilization Office and undertaken by The Party and Mass Work Department of Chengdu Eastern New District. Volunteer representatives participated actively.▲ Activity poster.▲ Activity site.The event site strictly followed the epidemic prevention requirements, and took the temperature of each participating tourist.The enthusiastic atmosphere not only attracts tourists to participate, but also attracts the eye of a sanitation worker.As he was working, the sanitation worker just watched from a distance on the sanitation truck. Volunteers soon found him and offered him the New Year’s Gift package to express their high respect to the hardworking sanitation workers and thank them for their contribution to the development of the eastern New District.▲ Sanitation workers at the activity site.During the conversation, we learned that the sanitation worker is 66 years old. He is a local who participated in the planting of flowers and plants in the park construction before. He supports the proposal of “Civilized Chinese New Year” and hopes that the construction of his hometown will get better and better.Later, a couple who were married in Longma Lake Park also came to the event.Volunteers have sent sincere wishes to the couple.Mr. Deng, a calligrapher from the Calligrapher’s Association of Chengdu, wrote his best wishes for the couple.▲ New people at the event.Red Star news reporter Dai Jiajia map according to the organizers editor Peng Jiang (download red star news, the news has a prize!