Qinghua Town to carry out Spring Festival visit activities

2022-04-27 0 By

On the eve of the Spring Festival, under the leadership of the party and government leaders in Qinghua Town, the cadres of the town and village organs went to each village to carry out the Spring Festival visit activities, and sent warm care and New Year wishes to the needy people.A condolence, a “happy New Year”, contains the town party committee and government to the poor people’s deep concern and concern.The visits condolences to, words to, to, the town party committee government for families in need of care to their hearts, let them feel the warmth of the party and the government, for the future life is full of confidence and hope, closing the distance with the masses, improve the feelings, gain the trust and further enhance the gain of the masses and the feeling of happiness.The masses have expressed their gratitude to the Party and the government for their care, care and help. Now the Party’s livelihood policies are getting better and better. They are confident of a happy life in the future and believe that life will be more prosperous and more comfortable.