CAI Xukun, Hu Yiyi, negative male star tease rich female kick iron plate, lazy male love beans fight for resources

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Prince different on the new play, some cooperative artists also came out to call him, especially before a group of members are called bro, forwarding support, even Lin Yanjun came out.Then a netizen saw, left CAI Xukun did not move.It would have been better if NinePercent only had a few members come out to support it, but only one did not repost it. It was soon questioned whether there was a rift within the team, so ninepercent did not even pretend to be a fan after disbanded.In fact, I know that there is no big contradiction between the two of them, and even because they play well, they have cp powder.Behind only powder, CP powder a noisy, which leads to the Lord are very embarrassed.This time if CAI xukun also come out to support, in the eyes of passers-by will feel normal, but in their fan circles will certainly have some trouble.In order to reduce unnecessary controversy, and after all, disbanded, not in the regiment period, so do not send also do not send, can not force hair.2. Ruby Responds to questions?Ruby Lin produced and starred in the “Bright lights on” released the third season trailer also set the broadcast time, although her work is broadcast on Netflix did not inside the fish platform online, but because ruby Lin and starring others are also familiar with, so the attention of the fish is also some.On the whole, the production of this play is relatively successful, after all, the cost is not very much (translated down to more than 57 million), but the effect is beyond expectations.Ruby has previously said that she is trying to win over people who have previously questioned her.She has been behind the scenes for many years, in fact, raking ye think she can catch hot, when THE IP drama popular shooting IP drama, now suspense drama fire also keep up, so she is some of the mind, and now is the stage behind a dry, after only do behind the scenes can be very smooth turn over.3. Hu can’t pick a script all day?Hu Yiyi recently in the publicity of his new play, see the effect is not a big hit, and then also see some people think that Hu Yiyi will not choose the script, shot more and more similar plays, just change the person set to change the story.Most of Hu Yiyi’s current works are idol dramas, which will definitely lead to love in the end, so it may be this reason that some people think the repetition rate is high.He is working on the market, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t work on other subjects at all.Although the company is not said to be aimed at holding a top flow as to hold him, but it is not not attention, otherwise how can have been shot?However, the company’s self-made plays or cooperative plays inevitably have limitations, and it is not easy for him to receive those big productions or famous director films. It can only be said that his current development is also more than enough.4. Quinlivan’s access to international resources?Hannah has reportedly been cast in Stab of the Soul. The exact role has not been revealed, but sources say it will be as a secret agent. Bruce Willis, Dominic Bothell, Andy Arlo and others have already been announced for the film.So if this information is accurate, then Hannah will also have international resources.The problem is that she’s still pregnant, and she’s still going to have to go back to work in a couple of months. The start date is still up in the air, so she’ll probably have to do it when she’s OK.She’s taken on similar resources before, such as the “Sky-scraper” starring Dwayne “The Rock” in 2011, but it’s clear that Johnson is the main actor in this project.Although Hannah Quinlivan has acted in some films, she is not well remembered as an actor. Her main memory is jay Chou.Of course, her career ambition is not so strong, family is more important to her.5. Are male idols viewed with suspicion?Do the boss of the male idol is very concerned about his company, including the artist has signed, always feel that since signed over, can not let them regret signing, so can take can push on the push, after all, the artist developed well his boss also benefit.He took his own filter, look at their artists feel very good, think they have a good vision, but not everyone in the market recognition.Sometimes the artists he recommended in the past were also picked and rejected by partners and investors, which made him unhappy.Not only do he feel that his partner’s eyes are not good enough to see the highlights of his artists, but also think that this is to deny his vision, so he often set up flags for himself, such as to make all artists famous, to make the company bigger and stronger.5. 6. Smart refrigeratorThere is a well-known bad temper actress, although the acting is some strength in, in order to take the film can also be very concerned, but that temper and emotional intelligence is true to make a lot of people can not stand, so the staff will sometimes feel unhappy.She is not ignorant of their own faults, but she can not control their own, in the face of contradiction is often the first to quarrel again, quarrel happy mouth faster than the brain.But the problem is that she does not look at the object, so when she meets the elder brother, she has to apologize to the other party. In order to chisel and repair, she always says that she is in order to shoot for work, so she is anxious and asks for forgiveness.But the other side where so quickly can calm down, do not take the job as an excuse, so even come to apologize also do not give good facial expression.7. Negative actor flirting with rich woman?Before the body had a negative news and silence for a period of time, the small male star, to now actually not much visibility.So his love of finding rich people caused a bit of discussion, but not much.In fact, this situation is not the first or second time, sometimes he will ask the crew to have good family conditions or have a background in the circle of actors, and then he will contact with each other more.Before met with a fame is not big but really some background actress, he went to sultry home chase somebody else, but the eye of the other side is also high, this kind of situation met a lot of times, will not be easily moved by sweet words, so the male star of these actions will only make the actress disgusted.8. Lazy guy loves beans for Resources?The male love beans from the draft, after the debut these years has been no progress, business ability was ridiculed, but also ran to love gossip.To be so loose is to rely on the family in the circle of some contacts, and there is no ambition, also do not want to be what top flow, so lead very comfortable.Sometimes, the team pushed the little transparent in an activity by the background, and asked him to participate, but he was not willing, because the team was active, not he.You’re always late to work when you’re being pushed by your team, you’re lazy, you just get by, you don’t prepare well.Arrived again all kinds of dislike, did not work how long began to be too tired, is really young character, so have no energy not professional want to lie down, not debut when a home squat not good, anyway also have money, also not live not to go on.