Changning: clean lantern riddles yuanxiao

2022-04-28 0 By

Sichuan economic network news (Li Pei Wang Chunyan reporter Hou Yunchun/picture) “‘ sickle good but no iron, auspicious inclined to add water ‘, hit an anti-corruption common words.Come on, let’s guess!””I know that. The answer is’ clean. ‘”…On February 15, changning County Bamboo city park, rows of festive lanterns flying under the beautiful red clean lantern riddle cards, the past people are interested in discussing the answers to the riddle, close “touch” clean culture, for the Lantern Festival added a bright color.The fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, guessing lantern riddles as one of the traditional festival activities, loved by the masses.Guess riddles ChangNing County discipline of the prison committed Lantern Festival turned this down activities as an opportunity to broaden the honest education propaganda way, let clean elements on outstanding traditional culture express, hold to “celebrate the Lantern Festival, a tree integrity behavior” as the theme of the clean DengMeiHui, carefully designed more than 300 contains the party’s style of the cultivation of clean government, party discipline and anti-corruption hot word riddle of knowledge,Make the broad cadre masses in the entertainment at the same time, draw clean culture nutrition, celebrate the Lantern Festival.”The riddles I saw today are both very interesting and closely related to the theme of clean government, which makes me feel the traditional Taste of the New Year as well as the strong taste of clean government.Well done for this event!”Changning county a retired veteran cadres after successful guessing riddles sigh.It is reported that during the New Year’s Day and the Spring Festival, Changning County commission for Discipline Inspection supervision not only launched a guess honest riddles, honest poetry, incorruptibility and other activities, but also closely staring at the key node, carried out a message to send incorruptibility, incorruptibility video, case notice, warning education and other “incorruptibility education to send lian-li” series of activities,By WeChat public, WeChat group released the wide variety of forms such as integrity, more than 1000 text messages, and production release the flavour thick “cheap”, “New Year celebrations such as integrity, video, light up in time is the wind against ji” warning lights “, further deepening the integrity education, build a clean lines, strengthen the county cadres and the masses, honesty and compliance discipline consciousness of for the feast.”This activity will be honest education and traditional culture organic combination, lantern riddles meet, education through fun, to educate people.Next, we will continue to innovate the form of honesty education, dig the cultural connotation of honesty, relying on poetry, lyrics, songs, paintings and other carriers to send ‘integrity’ to every household in Changning in a pleasing way, to create a good social fashion of wind qingqi is, worship integrity and clean.”County discipline inspection commission supervision commission concerned person in charge said.