My eyes are rulers!These long-awaited new cars will come in 2022

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Bid farewell to the lunar year of the Ox, which is the year of hard work, and this New Year we enter the year of Yin tiger, which is full of auspicious words.We have to start the year with some good news.Looking at the Current Chinese car market, we are experiencing the transition from traditional fuel to electric and intelligent, which is probably the most important revolution in the history of the automobile.But before we do that, I think it’s worth waiting for these cars.01 / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / the Honda civic Type R – heard Type – R, many fans it is destined to not sleepy!In 1997, Honda’s “Red Stamp” with balanced tuning of racing performance was first attached to the body of civil hatchback models. The original Civic Type-R (EK9) is now equivalent to the spiritual totem in the eyes of JDM fans, constantly influencing the young people who love cars.Although starting from the eighth generation of Civic models, both the conventional power version and the Type-R, which symbolizes the performance ceiling, are more and more inclined to European tuning, it still does not affect people’s endless pursuit of their control.It is always not a good idea to pay for feelings from outsiders. I remember that FK2 and FK8, which were rarely seen in China a few years ago, were often priced at 70W +. Whenever people owned a Civic Type-R, they would definitely sniff at the owners of second-hand “cattle and horses”, and “Civic King” was never just a Honda.Who can imagine, as domestic automobile consumers pay more attention to the performance car market, Chinese brands also continue to play the “performance card”, a “new generation of Civic Type-R will be introduced into China by Dongfeng Honda” news like “Wang Bang” in the car circle caused waves.It is reported that the 11-generation Civic Type-R version to be introduced in China is equipped with 2.0t +6MT powertrain, and the maximum power is slightly increased from 320Ps of the previous generation model to 330Ps. The new car will probably be put into production by domestic assembly of Dongfeng Honda, and the price is expected to be about 400,000 yuan.Type-r’s dream, is it going to be this round?02////////////////////// 15th Generation Toyota Crown I believe that many young car fans are not able to Get the comfort and luxury of Toyota Crown, in their eyes with the same level of manufacturing technology as Lexus crown is like a father’s car,The aura of the crown more than ten or twenty years ago is so fascinating when I recall it. The crown that young people think is not really the crown land fang, right?Fortunately, this news has dispelled my concerns: the 15th generation of crown will be introduced into China through FAW Toyota sale.Although there is no crown after the twelfth generation of speech is always echoed in my mind, but there was a time when “zhongguo” domestic fourteen generation models in the early stage still has not lost the momentum of the same period BBA, and after the sale has not been introduced to the fifteenth generation of domestic models, has always let the feelings of fans miss three points.The crown from TNGA-N platform must have done a lot of research work in the early stage of this introduction plan, and the data in this respect I feel comes from the hot market faced by Lexus ES.From the perspective of the datas configuration data, this generation of models is quite comprehensive. Apple CarPlay, online music, online navigation, vehicle voice recognition and many other functions, HUD head-up display, streaming media rearview mirror, 360° circular car image, collision warning, adaptive cruise and many other configurations will be introduced.Overseas models have three combinations of 2.0T+8AT, 2.5L hybrid +E-CVT and 3.5L hybrid +10AT in terms of power.At present, according to the information released by dealers, the price of imported 15th generation Crown model is expected to be 35-45W in China, which is most likely corresponding to 2.5L hybrid model. The specific model and relevant configuration will be known in mid-2022.03////////////////////// Subaru BRZ In the eyes of elders, always deny the significance of these purebred small sports cars, as they are the expression of mental immaturity, but the truth is: immaturity, what?I think this must be the heart of Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ car friends OS.With the launch of the GR 86 and the new BRZ, fans who had been crying their eyes out for the GR 86 and the new BRZ finally got the answer they wanted.The price of 30.88-33.88W seems to have been raised, but for a large number of potential customers, the price of the new BRZ is neither shocking nor surprising. After all, the 2.4L displacement is on display here, and it is not that cheap to increase the quantity without increasing the price. Besides, it is a pure sports car, isn’t it?Even if the new car has a face that doesn’t quite fit the design elements of the current car trend, it has a lot of heart.From many overseas reviews, the new GR 86/BRZ has been well received in the driving section.The 2.4L horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine has 231Ps, 249Nm, and the torque at low and medium revs is also made up, which will make this little sports car easier to drive.However, the most critical point is the emission problem, the model to be introduced will not be able to meet the domestic several major cities to implement the light vehicle emission “national 6B stage” standards, slightly regrettable.04////////////////////// Mazda MX-5ND, also known as the fourth generation of Mazda MX-5 is following the initial NA, will be smart, lovely, aesthetic collection in a best-selling convertible sports car, this car until today is one of the world’s highest holding sports car,Such success and fame have made it the most important label of the Mazda brand.As a result, car fans always have a lot of good dreams for this car.Even though it has a lot of downsides: it has only one boarding bay storage space, a poorly insulated engine compartment and less than tight suspension support, that doesn’t stop it from moving at a flexible, free-roaming pace.This, perhaps, is the unique charm of the MX-5.This generation of models in the early experience of the national 500 units quota limited sale, will be in April 2022 again in parallel import way on the market, and environmental protection open, emissions in line with the national 6B standard!This makes many 86/BRZ fans living in first-tier cities grasp “another straw”.The introduction of the 6B model includes not only the 6AT hardtop convertible RF, but also the soft-top 6MT model later. For those loyal to the MX-5 and Miata culture, the light is finally coming.From the current market, the soft top convertible VERSION OF MX-5 pre-sale price of 32.98W, this should be your distance from the “dream 5” the latest time?There’s nothing left to say. Just do it when it’s time.