Working together to fight epidemic | Zibo High-tech Zone Construction Bureau staff incarnation “Baymax” fighting epidemic

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Zibo March 15 – “please line up at an interval of 1 meter, and register for nucleic acid testing through the mini-program in advance. If you don’t understand, you can ask me.”On March 15, the construction site of Zibo High-tech Zone started the second round of nucleic acid testing for all staff. Wang Zhongming, a construction site worker, recognized the “Baymax” wearing an isolation suit at a glance. It was Wang Peng, a member of the quality and security Department of the Construction bureau of Zibo High-tech Zone.For a moment he was curious.However, after he finished the nucleic acid test, he found that the “big white” of the nucleic acid testing site were almost everyday “acquaintances” to the site.They are from zibo High-tech Zone construction bureau quality anke, there are daily supervision of the staff, there are often to the site inspection department head, and at this time, they wear white armor, incarnation of the most beautiful rebellious…”It is our duty to keep the soil, to keep the soil responsible, and to keep the soil responsible.”On the evening of March 9, according to the requirements of the working meeting of the Epidemic control Headquarters of Zibo High-tech Zone, the quality and security Section of the Construction Bureau of Zibo High-tech Zone held the epidemic prevention and control deployment meeting of housing construction and municipal construction sites, and deployed the epidemic prevention and control measures at the construction sites.All the staff work overtime all night, comprehensive row area site personnel information, when the last worker information statistics end, the day has been bright.However, the real work has just begun…Since March 10, zibo high-tech zone construction bureau quality anke immediately to the area under the jurisdiction of all housing municipal engineering, construction site of all personnel to carry out the network type investigation, one by one platoon personnel nearly 14 days of travel, all check body temperature, health code, travel code.All sites are closed management, strict control of personnel density, implementation of ventilation and disinfection requirements.”‘ Full coverage ‘is the bottom line of the project’s epidemic prevention and control, and no one should be missed.”Zibo high-tech zone construction bureau quality anke section chief Li Meng said so, he and colleagues are doing so.On the evening of March 11, zibo High-tech Zone construction Bureau quality and security section all staff to post, deployment site epidemic prevention work, develop detailed work plan.At 4 o ‘clock in the morning of The 12th, all the staff did not sleep for a night without taking a rest. All the staff cheered up and began to prepare for the nucleic acid test of all the staff at the construction site starting at 6 o ‘clock.March 12, 6 o ‘clock, zibo High-tech Zone construction site nucleic acid testing began.At the nucleic acid testing site, the staff of The Quality and Security Department of zibo High-tech Zone construction Bureau, acting as “Baymax”, patiently reminded everyone to keep a safe distance, queue up in an orderly manner, and guided workers to register information.Intimate service has been the strong support and cooperation of the workers, the detection scene orderly, the detection process is fast and unobstructed.As of 7 PM on March 12, 8 mobile nucleic acid testing teams of Zibo High-tech Zone had conducted nucleic acid testing for all construction site personnel, and a total of 8,742 people had been tested, successfully completing the first round of nucleic acid testing at the construction site.On the evening of March 14, zibo High-tech Zone Construction Bureau quality and security branch held the second round of construction site nucleic acid testing work pledge meeting for all staff.At 4:00 am on March 15, the quality and security Department of the Construction Bureau of Zibo High-tech Zone organized the second round of nucleic acid testing for all staff at the construction site, and efficiently completed the screening of more than 8,240 construction project personnel. The network of epidemic prevention and control at the construction site was tightly knit, providing a strong guarantee for the construction project, the prevention and control of surrounding epidemic and the safety of people.For days, key stages in epidemic prevention and control, zibo high-tech zone construction bureau staff rushed, generate, pass love power, flashing the light of volunteer, protect people’s safety and jurisdiction development overall situation, fully display its determination and ability to solve difficult, also showed the new era of grass-roots department’s responsibility and duty.Dazhong Daily Zibo Rong Media Center reporter Yi Wei correspondent Su Ran Sun Li