Yuan Xinyue spoke, CAI Bin deployed, foreign experts taught, women’s volleyball training camp for the future yan word

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On February 17, the new Chinese women’s volleyball team set out at the beilun Women’s Volleyball training base in Ningbo.On the rostrum, “Together for the future” is not only the slogan of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, but also the new goal of the Chinese women’s Volleyball team, which wants to return to the peak after the defeat in Tokyo. 67 players, more than 10 coaches and security staff gathered in Beilun to seek a plan, work together and face the future.The training camp is of great significance. The General Administration of Sports and the platoon management Center attach great importance to it. Many leaders came to the scene, and lai Yawen, the deputy director of the platoon management Center, who is familiar to the fans, also came.At the opening ceremony, Deputy general Yuan Xinyue spoke on the stage as the representative of the athletes. She said that starting from scratch, starting from scratch, inheriting the baton of the spirit of the Women’s Volleyball Team, training steadily with all the players, making continuous progress, and striving to win honor for the country with excellent results.CAI Bin, the head coach of the training camp, deployed the training work and put forward the requirements.The word “strict” pervades his speech.Management should be strict, CAI Bin stressed through the training camp to improve the team’s spirit, spirit, ideological and political education, to develop a good style of work.Training should be strict, strengthen physical training, with practical action practice do not forget the original aspiration, keep in mind the mission, contribute to the cause of volleyball.He also expressed the hope that more athletes can broaden their horizons and broaden their knowledge through training camps, and bring the national team’s excellent training style and advanced training methods as well as the inheritance of women’s volleyball spirit back to local teams.At the ceremony, Le Yongwen, deputy battalion director of the training camp, made a mental mobilization, encouraging everyone to throw away their illusions, prepare for battle, set high standards and set strict requirements, and cultivate excellent national women’s volleyball players who can endure hardships and dare to take responsibility.The leaders of the general Administration also made a speech, encouraging all the members to improve their ideological understanding, training style, physical reserves and special skills through the training camp.The training camp is required to strengthen team system construction, strict team rules and discipline, and do a good job in the spirit of “winning” in the preparation for the Paris cycle.After the ceremony, a symposium was held for compound team members, and Ralph, an American doctor of biomechanics, was invited to give lectures to compound team members.Keeping up with The Times, providing scientific training, strengthening the weak points and strengthening the weak points, this is the new atmosphere of the start of the new women’s volleyball team, which conveys a strong new concept of reform and innovation, striving for change and forging ahead.According to the plan, on February 18, the professional testing team carried out group tests on the physical quality, physical strength and exercise physiology indexes of the athletes participating in the training, and established the database of participants.After a period of training, the team will conduct a comprehensive assessment from the aspects of will, quality, physical fitness, technology, etc., and take comprehensive consideration from data changes, realistic performance and other aspects to form the new squad of The Chinese women’s Volleyball Team.Three thousand miles of dust and earth, now move from the beginning!There is no time for me to wait, seize the day, practice hard, day by day, facing the future, the goal of Paris, The Chinese women’s volleyball rush!Blunt!Blunt!