A hundred days of broken bones and bed rest?You are wrong

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There is an old saying in China called “one hundred days to break muscles and bones”, which roughly means that one should stay in bed for three months if he or she has a broken muscle or bone.Clinically, there are many people who are obese and even have problems such as stiffness of joints and dysfunction due to too long rest.Ask its reason, they all say “injured muscles and bones 100 days”, want to have a good rest.Fracture really need rest, can’t exercise?The answer is: no!In fact, rehabilitation should be started immediately after fracture reduction and fixation. Long time of immobilization will cause disuse syndrome such as muscular atrophy, joint contracture and osteoporosis, and delay the recovery time of patients.Early functional training can prevent or reduce complications, accelerate fracture healing, shorten the course of treatment, and promote functional recovery.Rehabilitation treatment after fracture not only focuses on promoting fracture healing, but also focuses on the recovery of the patient’s overall function.In fracture healing period, has not been fixed joints should be tested for each direction, all joint range of motion, if it is hard to start, can take advantage of the good side of the auxiliary, and reset or fixed position can do some slow rhythmic muscle isometric exercise (isometric exercise muscle contraction, didn’t change the length of).After a fracture has reached clinical healing, exercises should be done to promote joint movement and muscle strength recovery.Just remove the fixed patient joint independent activity difficulty, you can first use some power movement, the affected joints do all directions of movement, as far as possible to draft the adhesion of the tissue, to do not cause joint pain as a degree, gradually expand the range of activity.Physical therapy can be used throughout the fracture period, and ultrasound, low-frequency magnetic field therapy, ultrashort wave, and infrared therapy can be used early to improve local blood circulation, promote absorption of hematoma and exudate, reduce scar adhesion, relieve pain, and promote fracture healing.Healing period before functional exercise can be applied wax therapy, low frequency pulse electrical stimulation to help exercise.Source: The Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University