Boost rural revitalization, “N jia Send enjoy” Jiangsu province company was established

2022-04-30 0 By

On February 16th, “N Jia Deliver Enjoy” Jiangsu company was formally established in Kunshan.It is reported that N jia to enjoy the platform is in the branch of Zhizeng brand management consulting (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. to achieve rural revitalization, to achieve a county one industry, one township one product to build China’s top 500 agricultural brands incubation platform.N jia enjoy platform formally joined pattern Group Co., Ltd. to establish N Jia Enjoy Jiangsu province company.Pattern group chairman Chen Yunming, N jia enjoy platform founder Xu Weiguo hit it off, decided to top 17 years in the country’s top 100 counties and cities of the city – Kunshan established N Jia enjoy Jiangsu province company.At the founding ceremony of the company in Jiangsu Province, Chen Yunming shared the market prospects and future planning of N Jia To enjoy. This new mode of revitalizing agriculture can really help users and businesses solve fundamental problems, help the market to create a virtuous cycle, and assist the orderly development of rural revitalization and agriculture.21st century public foundation rural revitalization of the charity fund founder of the organising committee director, N jia to enjoy wei-guo xu N jia sent at platform is introduced, N jia sent at electric business platform building and selling agricultural products to develop agricultural power of agricultural products sales for offline diversion entrance, through the guidance of depth of field experience online consumer upgrades, complete the online flow into each other to enjoy new consumption scenarios.After consuming in the restaurant, consumers only need to purchase equivalent orders of agricultural products on the N Jia Delivery platform, and then they can use the points given back by the platform to offset the consumption in the restaurant, truly achieving “spending twice for a penny”.N Jia Send enjoy platform directly to thousands of agricultural production farmers and manufacturers across the country, through strict quality control and traceability process, the real quality, competitive price of agricultural products through the whole network sales to thousands of households, for grassroots farmers and manufacturers to increase income and create wealth.The participants also expressed the recognition of N jia enjoy and confidence in the market, that N Jia enjoy mode to change the way of enterprise promotion, fully achieve “send you need, enjoy what you want;Value for money;Happy consumption, natural sharing “.