Emperor Wen of The Han Dynasty had only two daughters. Why was the princess of Guantao adored and the princess of Jiangyi neglected?

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Since ancient times, princess Agge, who was born into the royal family, has been admired by the people.Their bright appearance makes us forget that they were born into ruthless emperors.In history, princesses of many dynasties went to other countries on missions from their home countries, or were married by the emperor to win over influential officials.It seemed that the royal stability had been achieved at the expense of the princess’s happiness.The royal family is all about status.Although the elder brother princesses are the emperor’s children, but the status between them is divided, the mother by the son expensive situation is common.The only two princesses of emperor Wen of the Han dynasty were both from the royal family but they are very different from each other in historical records.What will be the story of these two princesses?One of the two princesses of Emperor Liu Heng of The Han Dynasty is known to all as Princess Guantao.One is the Princess of Jiangyi, no one cares.The main reason for the great difference between the two princesses was their different birth.Guan Tao princess Liu Heng and dou Queen’s biological daughter, is the princess.Princess Jiangyi’s biological mother was just a concubine of Ji, who had no position to favor and naturally did not receive the attention of the emperor.After Liu Heng, emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty, succeeded to the throne, he made Liu Qi, the son of Empress Dou, the crown prince, and princess Guantao became princess Chang.With queen mother forces and prince brother support, guan Tao princess in the palace is pampered, free to live.In addition, she was favored by Liu Heng, emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty.Pavilion tao princess named Liu Piao, meaning beauty and kindness.Guantao was named after her fiefdom guantao, and everyone called her Princess Guantao.With the love of her father and mother, and the support of her prince brother, Princess Guantao should be safe and prosperous all her life.In contrast, Princess Jiangyi does not have such a strong background.This is one of the reasons why princess Jiangyi did not leave her name in history books.As a result, princess Jiangyi grew up in the shadow of her sister, and the two princesses came of age to marry.The princesses of the royal family have enjoyed the luxuries of the first half of their lives, but it is time for them to take up their responsibilities.Royal children are not allowed to make their own decisions on marriage, even the noble and favored Princess of Guan Tao.Emperor Wen of the Han dynasty for guantao to find the husband’s home is the hall of hou Chen Wu.Although a vassal was a vassal, his position in the court was not high.Guan Tao princess lives in the palace wanton publicity, after marriage her behavior style does not change.Princess marries, originally has the intention of gaining court officials.I don’t know what kind of life guantao will have after marriage.Even the princess guantao, who was favored by the emperor, had married a lowly duke, so could this neglected Princess Jiangyi be worse off than she was?In fact, the family of The Princess Jiangyi was Zhou Shengzhi, the son of Zhou Bo, the founder of the Western Han Dynasty.The title of Princess jiangyi also comes from the title of knighthood.Princess Jiangyi, who had always been surrounded by her sister’s halo in the palace, finally beat Guan Tao on her wedding day.Jianghou’s credit and status were far higher than that of Tang Marquis Chen Wu.From the point of view of her husband’s family, princess Jiangyi seems to be even more favored.But accidents always come in a hurry.Not long into Princess Jiangyi’s happy life, her husband, Zhou Shengzhi, was involved in a murder case and eventually sentenced to death.I thought that marrying Jianghou would be the beginning of a happy life for the princess of Jiangyi. She would stay away from the intrigues of the palace to compete with each other and live her own life in peace.But when things didn’t work out, the marriage was the beginning of her tragedy.The title of Marquis Jiang was hereditary, but zhou Shengzhi and Princess Jiangyi married without a son and a half daughter, so zhou’s younger brother, Zhou Yafu, inherited the title.Since Zhou Sheng’s death, there is no trace of the princess jiangyi.Although princess Guantao’s husband’s family was not as high as Jiangyi’s, their marriage had been quite peaceful.Now it seems that the husband’s home that Emperor Wen chose for pavilion pottery is also a good one.The status is not high, do not dare to collide with the princess, can contain this publicity and wanton character.Moreover involved in bureaucratic disputes may be low, the power is not big, although not big rich big expensive, but can keep the pavilion tao a carefree life.Parents painstakingly, in the pavilion pottery princess can be reflected here.In fact, guan Tao princess no matter how favored, but also a princess, not in the history books have such a detailed record.The reason why guantao is known to the public is that she is intelligent, ambitious and adept at political scheming.Guantao knew his in-laws’ status and could not give his children a better future.As a matter of fact, people are always greedy. Even if the title of a vassal is not high, it is inherited from generation to generation and can guarantee the dignity and wealth of their children all their life.Guan Tao princess and dou Empress of intimate, even if it is married also have free access to the power of the palace.Especially after the death of Emperor Wen of han dynasty and the succession of Liu Qi, princess Guantao became more and more important in the palace.Many women in the emperor’s harem, all want to get the emperor’s favor, the apprentice.At this time, guan Tao, favored by the Queen mother and the emperor, became a popular object in the harem.All they wanted was for the princess to say a good word for her in front of the Empress Dowager.Princess Guantao uses them to expand her network of relationships and to master the situation of the imperial court through them, which is to kill two birds with one stone.So she taught these women how to please men while recommending candidates to Liu Qi, doing both.In this way, the situation of the concubines in the harem is well known to her and easily controlled.Liu Qi also paid more and more attention to his sister, and the reward continued.Princess Guan Tao has more ambitions than this, her mind is on the future monarch.Princess Guantao had a daughter named Chen Ajiao, who used her daughter as a bargaining chip to marry her to the then prince Liu Rong.But the relationship with Liu Rong mother Li Ji is tense, can not alleviate had to give up.The harem is not short of women and children, Liu Rong can not then change another, the crown prince is not important, the important thing is her daughter Chen Ajiao must be the queen.Guan Tao princess with such ambition, finally found a suitable candidate.Concubines of Liu Qi, Emperor Jingdi of han Dynasty.Mrs. Wang had a son named Liu Che.Liu Che saw Chen Ajiao for the first time when he said, “IF I can marry ajiao sister, I will build a most beautiful palace to hide her.”From this comes the idiom “a golden house concealing a jiao”.Liu Che this sentence is to get the appreciation of the museum pottery princess.Immediately with Lady Wang cooperation to seize the crown prince Liu Rong, liu Che succeeded to eradicate obstacles.Visible pavilion pottery ambition is not only in the harem, but also in the former dynasty.Compared with Princess Jiangyi, Princess Guantao is not only a noble family, but also a resourceful and ambitious one.Unlike other princesses, she has a purpose of her own.After Liu Che ascended to the throne, her daughter Chen Ajiao became the empress, as the queen’s biological mother, the emperor’s aunt, princess Guantao this name was recorded in historical books, handed down to later generations.