8 Habits to make your home warmer and sweeter in the New Year

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In some families, the more time they spend together, the warmer it gets. Such families usually have the following good habits.These habits into life, have a harmonious and loving family atmosphere, it is no longer difficult.It’s not easy to say “thank you” when your family sees each other every day.This is not estrangement, but the key to a warm relationship.After you come home from work, thank your parents for preparing a cup of dry water for you;When you are sad, thank your lover in the side of low voice comfort;Thank your children for their warm helping while you cook.When they hear you say “thank you”, they know that you can feel their efforts.A word of thanks is enough to warm a home.Even at home, spend five minutes a day cleaning up.Change your dirty clothes and comb your messy hair to make a difference.Just because it’s family doesn’t mean you don’t care.Family see you clean decent, the heart is more comfortable, the atmosphere in the home will be relaxed and cheerful.3. Beautiful moments share the warmth of the family, not only reflected in the encounter of things to say, but also reflected in the willingness to pass on small happiness to them.Early in the morning on the way to work, see beautiful clouds, hand out photos to the crowd at home;Order a cup of hot milk tea at noon, and talk to your spouse whether it is good to drink;Buy novelty items online and send them to your parents.In the long run, your home will warm up and you’ll have a double good mood.Don’t take out your family As an adult, everyone will feel sad and depressed at times, but remember that your family is not your punching bag.If you get criticized at work by your boss, get in trouble with a coworker, or go back and yell at your family, it’s just going to spread the bad mood.If you really encounter difficulties, it is better to adjust your mood and talk to your family slowly after going home.In modern society, mobile phones have become an indispensable device for us. As a result, we spend most of our time on mobile phones after going home, which reduces the time for face-to-face communication with our families.Parents look at the mobile phone while accompanying their children, in fact, is giving time to the mobile phone;Students come home from school and are constantly checking social media, which reduces the chances that parents will ever get to know you.After going home, it is better to put down the mobile phone, chat with the family more, to the home with a little concentration, let the family heart more warm.A family is not complete and warm by someone doing housework and taking care of the children, but needs to go both ways.She does the laundry, you cook the dinner;He takes care of the kids, you clean the house more.Housework does not need to be taken care of or ignored.When two people take responsibility for each other, life is much sweeter.7. Life needs a Little ritual Sometimes, life can get a little repetitive, but a little ritual can make it a lot more interesting.There is a saying in the book, “A sense of ritual is what makes one day different from other days and one moment different from other times.”For example, give gifts to each other on wedding anniversaries, make bowls of longevity noodles for family members’ birthdays, and add some small surprises.A little ritual can make life more romantic.”I always look at screenshots of conversations with my wife. I still feel very happy,” said one netizen.Put the pictures your children draw for you in a frame on your cabinet.Take photos of the soup your lover makes for you;Take a family photo every year…Every bit of love leaves a mark that can be looked back on at some future time.It is said that home is the harbor, is the habitat when people tired, in fact, a warm home, or depends on the warm people.Daily life is more firewood, rice, oil and salt, but a little more thought, home can be more loving, more warm.May we all be able in the days to come, the dull days have a taste, let our home full of warmth.Author: Yew Shan, after 90 meng department of iron lady, pen can change the knife, eyebrows smile.More than 30 million people have subscribed to read at ten.Reprint please contact ten reading.Edited by Yin Yanlei proofread by Dong Liyan Reviewed by Liu Min