Chunhui Wisdom Holding (300943.SZ) : Three directors and senior executives intend to reduce their total holdings by no more than 2.09%

2022-05-01 0 By

Glonhui February 11 | Chunhui Zhi Holding (300943.SZ) announced that the company recently received a letter of Notification on share reduction plan from gu Qijiang, director and General Manager Liang Baisong, director and Chief Financial Officer Ye Mingzhong,Gu Qijiang, Liang Baisong and Ye Mingzhong intend to reduce their holdings of the company’s shares by one or more ways, such as centralized bidding or block trading, not to exceed 2.84 million shares, that is, not to exceed 2.0901% of the company’s total share capital.In case of reducing holdings through centralized bidding, it shall be carried out within 6 months after 15 trading days as of the date of disclosure of this announcement;If divestment is made through block trading, it will be made within 6 months from the date of disclosure of this announcement (excluding the period during which divestment is prohibited according to relevant laws and regulations).This article is from Gronhui