Electric nail clippers “bite” three-year-old boy’s mouth Lanzhou fire rescue

2022-05-01 0 By

At 8:50 on February 16, lanzhou city fire rescue detachment 119 command center received a public alarm, located in lanzhou City chengguan District provincial third people’s Hospital emergency department a toddler mouth was electric nail clippers stuck, request rescue.After receiving the command center’s order, city pass brigade Gongxingdun fire rescue station dispatched a rescue vehicle 7 fire rescue personnel rushed to the scene for emergency disposal.Rescue scene.At 8:58 in the evening, the fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene to investigate the discovery of a three-year-old child’s upper lip by electric nail clippers stuck, the mouth bleeding serious, the scene of the child kept crying, if not timely disposal is very likely to cause serious consequences.After understanding the basic situation, the fire and rescue personnel immediately began to rescue the child.Ten minutes later, the electric nail clippers stuck in the child’s mouth were successfully removed and handed over to 120 medical staff for disinfection.Rescue scene.The fire department reminds parents that the hands, feet and other parts of young children are easily stuck by gaps, toys, tools or machinery and equipment due to their strong curiosity and lack of safety awareness. Parents must strengthen safety awareness education for their children. Once danger occurs, they should seek help from the fire department or medical department in the first time.Article · Photo | Riverrun news reporter Yao Zhi