Heaven and human corresponding health wisdom

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“Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer without a doctor’s prescription”, a folk saying says the wisdom of keeping healthy more than 2,000 years ago.Using the past for the present, many seasonal health care methods have been derived, infiltrating into the details of daily life.As the wisdom crystallization of thousands of years of Working people in China, the changes of natural weather and phenology can be directly reflected in the 24 solar terms.According to the theory of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, man and nature are a corresponding “unity of form and spirit”. The changes of human body and the occurrence of diseases are also closely connected with the 24 solar terms.The 24 solar terms divide the position of the sun on the ecliptic (360° circumference) into 24 equal parts in a year. Each part is 15° apart. Each 15° advance of the sun is a solar term.There are 24 solar terms in the 12 months of the year, with each term having about 15 days.The change of the sun’s position is bound to cause the evolution of the ground climate, so the solar term “qi” has meteorological, climate meaning.The 24 solar terms were derived by ancient Chinese people by looking up to the sky and observing geography.Many countries in the world have solar terms, but only China has formed a complete 24 solar terms.The Taichu calendar is a symbol of the formation of the ancient Chinese calendar system.It is characterized by the inclusion of the 24 solar terms in the calendar for the first time, with the beginning of Spring as the 24 solar terms and the beginning of the four seasons (Beginning of spring, beginning of summer, beginning of autumn and beginning of winter).There are six solar terms in each season.It should be noted that the 24 solar terms are mainly in the sense of astronomy, while the four seasons in the sense of meteorology are not unified.In meteorology, the first day with the average daily temperature above 10℃ for five consecutive days is called the beginning of spring.Therefore, in north China, for example, although the solar term has arrived at the beginning of Spring, there are still often inverted cold phenomenon, life experience of the beginning of spring is not like the warmth of spring, wear clothes to “cover”.This is because the 24 solar terms refer to the four distinct seasons in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River and part of the Yangtze River valley in ancient times.However, China has a vast territory and its climate cannot be consistent with that of the Yellow River basin.In November 2016, China’s 24 solar terms were included in UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, which not only guides agricultural production, but also plays an important role in guiding People’s Daily health care.One of the functions of solar terms is to adjust the relationship between man and nature. Solar terms reflect ancient people’s understanding of the changing laws of season, climate and phenology in a year.Season has the meaning of season.The climatic characteristics of the solar term should conform to the seasonal climatic characteristics of its attribution, that is, warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn and cold winter.For example, minor heat and major Heat in summer and minor cold and Major Cold in winter clearly reflect the climate characteristics of the season.From the perspective of precipitation, rain and grain rain in spring and white dew, cold dew and Frost’s Descent in autumn also clearly reflect the precipitation characteristics of the season in which the solar term is located.The division of solar terms is closely related to the sun, and the sun’s influence on nature is self-evident, therefore, the change of solar terms will inevitably lead to the change of phenology in nature, for example, the meaning of Awakening of Insects is the god to wake up the hibernating animals in the way of thunder.Guan Zi · Situation Explanation holds that: “Spring is the beginning of Yang qi, so all things are born.Summer Yang qi, so all things long.Autumn Yin qi beginning, so all things close.Winter Yin qi, so all things hidden.So the spring and summer growth, autumn and winter collection, four of the festival also.”As one of the natural things, human beings, their daily life and diet are also inevitably affected by the four solar terms. For example, people tend to sleep more and fall asleep earlier in winter, while in summer, they tend to sleep less than in winter, and often go to bed late and get up early. This is the biological characteristics of human beings.Solar terms have natural attributes, and their most basic function is to adjust the relationship between human and nature. Through the establishment of the four solar terms, people can adapt to the natural time sequence for production and life.”Correspondence between heaven and man” is the core point of health preservation in Traditional Chinese medicine. Chapter 25 of Daodejing describes the relationship between man and nature in this way: “The old way is big, big, big, and the king is also big.There were four of them, and one of them was the king.The law of man and earth, the law of heaven, the law of heaven and the law of nature.”One of its meanings is the correspondence between heaven and man, and the harmony and unity between man and nature.”Correspondence between heaven and man” is also the core point of health preservation in TCM.Huangdi neijing, a classic of Traditional Chinese medicine, points out that “man is born by the qi of heaven and earth, and is formed by the law of the four seasons” and “man is related to heaven and earth, and corresponds to the sun and the moon”, indicating that man and nature are an integral whole, and that man is affected by the changes of the four seasons of nature between heaven and earth.If we conform to the changes of seasonal solar terms in nature, we will be healthy. Otherwise, “Each of the five Tibetan seasons will suffer from diseases in its own time, and when it is not in its own time, they will be transmitted to each other”, indicating the influence of seasonal solar terms on human pathology.Wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness and fire are the six normal natural climates, known as the six qi.The changes of the four seasons and solar terms produce the six qi, and the change of the six qi is the condition for the growth of all things, which is harmless to the normal human body.Solar term transition disorder, the six qi is too or less than the six qi evolved into a pathogenic factor, become the evil of the six prostitute, causing adverse effects on human health.The ancient astronomy book Kaiyuan Zhan Jing recorded the diseases caused by abnormal solar terms: “The beginning of Spring, when not to, soldiers, wheat, malaria;Not when to at most disease dryness disease.Rain, when not to, drought, wheat is not ripe, more sick heartache;And there are many deaths and demises.”A similar discussion on the 24 solar terms is also recorded in the Yi Tong Gua Test.Not all people will be affected by the evil of six sex when the solar term is out of order. If people can always maintain a good state of the body, so that they can adjust themselves in time to adapt to the external climate change, the influence of the seasonal solar term out of order will be very small. The so-called “empty evil wind, sometimes avoid”.In addition to the six evils, the human body’s own failure to regulate, “to drink wine as pulp, to be reckless” and “careless daily life” will also lead to premature aging.Combined with the characteristics of modern People’s Daily life, under the influence of multiple factors such as work pressure and excessive entertainment, irregular living seems to have become a normal situation for many people, especially those living in big cities.As a result, more and more people with sub-health or even diseases appear, and the trend is getting younger gradually.In view of this, it is necessary to emphasize that we should follow the laws of nature, conform to the four solar terms, and put the concept of harmony between man and nature in the whole process of TCM health preservation.As for the principles to be observed in daily health preservation, The Yellow Emperor neijing gives the answer: “Be obedient to the four seasons and adapt to the cold and heat, live in peace and contentment with the moods and moods, and adjust the firmness and softness with Yin and Yang.” It proposes to conform to the changes of the four seasons in nature, adjust emotions, be careful in daily life, and combine Yin and Yang.From the point of view of keeping healthy in season, Huangdi Neijing emphasizes keeping healthy in four seasons and gives specific methods of keeping healthy in four seasons, such as “In Spring and March, it is called hair and Chen…Sleeping late at night and getting up early, walking widely in court, being slow to shape, so as to make zhi Sheng “. In addition, it also gives the health keeping methods of summer and March, autumn and March, winter and March respectively, which involves daily life, emotion, exercise, diet and so on.The principle of “nourishing Yang in spring and summer, nourishing Yin in autumn and winter” is the key to keeping healthy according to the changes of Yin and Yang in four seasons, which is also the truth of “eating radish in winter and ginger in summer”.In this way, we can achieve “positive qi, evil can not be done”.(Author: Zhang Cong, Associate Professor, Department of Health Preservation and Rehabilitation, School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine)