Can we cancel teachers’ summer and winter vacations to release labor force for society?

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The problem is similar to cancelling students’ summer and winter vacations, and getting students of all ages to participate in social practices, in communities and in factories.In fact, it is impossible to achieve, each industry, all kinds of occupation, have its particularity.Society is stratified, matching different groups of people.As a mental worker, the teacher’s product is the student.It’s not something that comes off the assembly line in a factory, it’s instantaneous.It takes twelve years of hard work for a student to finally accept society’s selection.Let alone meet the talent standards of society, not necessarily.People often see is the teacher’s winter and summer vacation, always envy such a long vacation can rest.Little do they know in the teaching time from morning to night, hard work and labor.Especially advocate quality education today, still can’t get rid of the shadow of exam-oriented education.The public only looks at the results rather than the process. In such a long process of 12 years, students, as the product and owner of their own, have ups and downs inevitably.What group of people can stay true to their mission for 12 years?Civil servants have stayed true to their original aspiration over the past 12 years and will definitely take up corresponding leading positions.Scientists stick to the youth do not forget the original intention, will be fruitful.The businessman has stayed true to his original aspiration for 12 years and achieved wealth and freedom long ago.But can the 12-year learning process ensure that every student can become the talent the country needs?And a big question mark.Some people may say that a farmer has stayed true to his original aspiration for 12 years and is still a farmer.Workers stick to the original aspiration for 12 years, is still a front-line workers.This remains a key issue of social stratification.In ancient times, a scholar was said to be useless. It refers to a scholar who did not gain fame in examinations, but who did not know how to farm or do business, and could only end up in poverty.But once you’ve made it to the top, it’s a different story.But in modern society reading creates value and knowledge can be turned into cash.Is really all inferior, only reading high.Reading can completely change the fate, at least to become a worker.On the contrary, one can only be a labourer without reading.Being away from the front line of labor for a long time, the natural labourer could not complete the work of the labourer, and the labourer could not complete the work of the labourer, and the society was thus stratified.Social division of labor starts to take shape after graduation from high school. If you want to make a leap across layers, you have to pay more sweat again the day after tomorrow.At this point, it’s not that easy.Read while you are young, famous while you are young.This is how many years, people have been proven with practical action.If you ask such questions, you haven’t studied well at school.Such questions are not usually asked by people who have graduated from college and are distributed among all social classes and occupations.In fact, the reason is very simple, we exchange jobs, no one is willing to experience the joys and sorrows of teachers.Otherwise, there would not have been various policies introduced in earlier years to restrict teacher mobility in order to stabilize the teaching workforce.Stable teacher team is for the nation’s tomorrow.It is impossible for children to be educated in this day and age.Who doesn’t want their children and grandchildren to be well educated, better than themselves, passed on from generation to generation, at least so that their children and grandchildren have a bowl of rice to eat.Even more extreme people say, I have a low education, but I can also do well in business and achieve wealth freedom.There is no threshold to start a business, even if you are illiterate.New companies are registered every day, and companies fail every day.Not everyone as long as you want to start a business can be successful, in fact, unsuccessful people everywhere.That’s why there will always be more people working than starting their own businesses.Only a nimble mind and superior intelligence, delayed in school, and later hard work into business, can succeed.In winter and summer holidays, teachers are arranged to work in enterprises, and they cannot do heavy physical work.There is no point in concentrating on preparing lessons at school; the students are already on holiday.You’ve got the students studying from start to finish, you’re gonna fryer, you’re gonna raise hell.What’s more, in winter and summer vacation, education administrative departments will arrange some teaching and research activities appropriately, such as network learning, expert lectures, topic discussions.In fact, teachers in winter and summer vacations are not easy. What mental workers need is to think quietly. It is impossible to operate mechanized like factories.Students study in the same way, not anxious up, not enlightened time is not to learn.Young is to play, you let him also like adults as behaved, is not realistic things.Because of social division of labor, professional things by professional people to do.You are not a professional person, can only do their own old line, and try to use their brains in this industry, seriously consider, become a model of the industry.This is your best chance of success in the future.Really let you take a teacher’s salary to engage in education teaching work, perhaps you do not want to kill.