Follow a maintenance staff of Changchun Yuguang Thermal Xingshun Management Station to inspect and experience how to ensure the heat supply for people

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Grab your flashlight, pack your kit, and go!Point temperature gun, thermometer, pipe pliers, lock valve special key……At 8 o ‘clock in the morning, Li Hao began a day of heating maintenance work.Li Hao, 25, is a heating technician.Nervous at first, he relaxes as he talks about his six years in the job.Li Hao is in yuguang Thermal Xingshun Management Station, which covers a heating area of 1.5 million square meters and a network patrol of more than 10 kilometers. There are 9 residential communities under its jurisdiction.”It’s all the rage to keep track of the number of steps you take by hand. I can easily take 10,000 steps a day.”Li Hao said with a smile.Heating maintenance starts from inspecting the heat exchange station in the residential area.Every day, Li checks the equipment at the heat exchange station.Check the pipe network pressure, test the temperature of supply and return water, record the heating parameters……Li Hao is meticulous.He said, “These heating parameters are related to the safety and stability of heating in the residential area.”In addition to recording heating parameters, Li also carefully examined the various equipment in the heat exchange station.He looked at the side told reporters, the key to see whether the circulation pump and pump operation is normal, whether there is abnormal noise.”The Spring Festival is coming, and people are going home for a reunion. If the heating is not good, it will be a terrible thing.”Li hao said he has been doing this job for six years. Although he sometimes feels boring, he always hears the thanks from users and feels that he has realized his value.”Every inspection, every inspection, even every step I take every day in the area, is related to everyone’s temperature and warmth, this is not very meaningful thing?”Lelouch said.In addition to the heat exchange station inspection, Li Hao also needs to carry out daily pipe network inspection.He told reporters: “The daily inspection of the pipe network can find problems in time, arrange maintenance in advance, and ensure the safety of the pipe network.”Inspection of the pipe network, mainly including from the heat source to the cell heat exchange station between the line.This line acts as the “main artery” of the heating network.In this part of the work, Li Hao developed a pair of “wind-friendly ears”.”To check if there are any leaks in the line, you need to take a listening stick and listen everywhere.”‘At the beginning, I couldn’t hear it,’ Mr. Li said. ‘I felt the sound was the same. I couldn’t tell if there was a leak.’Later, Li Hao practiced listening with his master every day in practice and listened to different sounds over and over again. “A few of them listened tens of thousands of times in a year.”Now, Li hao can not only tell if there is a leak from the sound, but also determine the distance of the leak based on the sound.Just finished the morning line patrol, station patrol work, at 12:30 p.m., a burst of urgent phone call, a user of the community home heating problems, need to be dealt with on the spot, after answering the phone, Li Hao did not take a rest, back the tool kit, pushed the door and went.Jilin Daily Production planning: Jiang Zhongxiao author: Jilin Daily all media reporter Nie Fangfang Qiu Guoqiang editor: Yu Yue