I waited in line for two hours for nucleic acid, and I ended up with two roasted chickens

2022-05-02 0 By

Queue up to do nucleic acid must see clearly otherwise 2 hours later get may be two roast chicken……Recently, a netizen “Lena Lin” in Hangzhou got up early in the morning to get a nucleic acid test in front of a hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine. After waiting in line for nearly two hours, she found that she was in line to buy roast chickens. She had to buy two roast chickens.Row all row, or buy two bar, otherwise white queue for two hours like a small carriage da da da da: exactly how delicious??Xiao Zhang: I really want to have roast chicken, but I must say I’m in the wrong line. Love: If I don’t buy more chickens, I’m sorry I’ve been waiting in line for hours.If I don’t buy it, I feel really lost, so I still want to remind you that after all, I don’t care if I get in the wrong line. This kind of thing often happens.Not every time at the end of the queue can buy delicious source: Qilu Evening News comprehensive lychee news, etc