“Spring Festival I am on duty” “bear children” stealing electric bike “make tiger year” Linze public security traffic police found safety back in time

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“New Year’s day, to you trouble, I will be good education children.”The child’s parents took linze County public Security Bureau traffic police brigade Ni Jia Ying squadron captain Yang Xicheng hand repeatedly thank.At about 3:07 p.m. on February 1, Ni Jia Ying squadron patrol in the national road, found a minor boy driving an electric tricycle alone in the national road, police on duty saw this situation, quickly stopped the car.The inquiry learned that driving electric tricycle children is taking advantage of parents greeting friends and relatives, he secretly took the car keys out to buy guns.After learning of the situation, the police on duty first use easy-to-understand language education children, minors can not be allowed to drive a motor vehicle without a motor vehicle driving license.Later, the children and the electric tricycle were safely returned home.It was not until the child was sent home that the parents noticed that the electric tricycle was missing.The relatives who gathered at home were also grateful to the police.Police took this opportunity to explain to parents from the positive education and guidance, do not beat and scold children, while the crowd to the present patient publicity of traffic safety knowledge.Linze public security traffic police here to remind the majority of parents: it is the Spring Festival, the children have a holiday at home, parents must pay attention to the safety of minors, strengthen the traffic safety education for minors, can not let minors drive motor vehicles on the road, so as to avoid accidents, a tragedy.Contribution: Traffic Police Brigade author: Ding Wen Editor: Jia Tianyi Review: An Xuehai Final review: Wang Ning — END —