The more dandruff you wash?Beware of psoriasis!

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As the acceleration of contemporary life rhythm, the increase of life pressure and dietary diversification, a lot of people have the case that scalp pruritus, scalp takes off scurf, somebody still can dandruff and scalp psoriasis get confused, but they are not identical actually, the symptom is different also.Dandruff is a common scalp condition that causes dry patches of skin on the scalp to peel off.And psoriasis can affect any area of the scalp, the performance is scaly scalp increase, itching is obvious, the typical damage is thick scalp covering, clear boundary, thick scaly plaque, often along the hairline distribution;Hair can be bunchy like a brush, which is an important feature of scalp psoriasis, but does not generally cause hair loss.According to research, scalp is one of the prone sites of psoriasis, is part of the patients with psoriasis the earliest or the only part of the disease, can also be accompanied by rash on the trunk, limbs and other places, is one of the more difficult to treat.According to statistics, vulgaris psoriasis at the beginning of the scalp accounted for 46.9%, and the whole course of the scalp involved up to 65.7%.Psoriasis of scalp can occur in different ages, often heavy in winter and light in summer, often accompanied by a family history.It can be seen in the scalp alone, but in most cases lesions typical of psoriasis can be seen in the trunk and extremities.So if you have more dandruff do not worry about this situation, it is recommended that you go to the formal authority of medical institutions for examination, if confirmed scalp psoriasis, then you can refer to the following methods for effective care.In daily life, try to avoid scratching the scalp, choose the appropriate shampoo, topical corticosteroid drug treatment.After fully cleaning the hair with warm water, a few hair conditioner can be used in appropriate amount.Scalp psoriasis patients do not let hair conditioner stay on the hair for too long, so as not to cause damage to the hair, especially pay attention to reduce the stimulation of skin lesions.You can use warm water to clean the hair conditioner after one or two minutes.Daily comb hair is also very important for scalp psoriasis patients, in the hair just after washing, it is best to use a wide tooth comb, do not use too sharp comb, so as not to scratch the scalp and cause head infection, resulting in the expansion of the skin area, is not conducive to the rehabilitation of psoriasis.