Guo Degang’s latest post: with eight words to respond to wang Mengting incident, a straight face is not afraid of a crooked shadow

2022-05-03 0 By

In the year of the Tiger, Guo degang accidentally became the object of attention because of what some media described as his fathering of a child with Beijing Opera actress Wang Mengting.Now comes Guo’s latest post, in which he only indirectly responded to the incident in eight characters, and vindicated his innocence.Guo Degang’s latest post: with eight words to respond to wang Mengting’s incident, the body is not afraid of the shadow slanting!According to tradition, it is not convenient to talk about these bad things on the second and third days of the lunar New Year.Directly finally waited for the fifth day, Guo Degang teacher finally issued a document.Guo degang uses three red stars to write his essay, and the accompanying picture says it all.A piece of red paper, which reads “The fifth day of the year, pinch the mouth of the villain”!Simple 8 words, but told us that there are some things (refers to the spread of Wang Mengting incident, there is no Spring Festival Gala and TV said cross talk event) is not true, is false.People can sit at home, POTS fall from the sky to describe.The pot fell on Teacher Guo Degang’s head.Now he issued a statement on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year in response to these rumors, but also told everyone that everything is false, there are “villains” behind the mischief, as for who is “villain”, Guo Degang did not say clearly.But he knows who the villain is in his heart, he does not represent guo Degang’s magnanimity.Review about Guo Degang “lie” melon event, first need from Wang Mengting this gossip news to chat.Wang Mengting was described by a media account as having a romantic relationship with Guo Degang. She gave birth to a daughter last month and asked her sister-in-law to take care of her, but Wang was unmarried and did not meet her father when the baby was born.Who is the biological father of the child?So there are some rumors about Guo Degang, even about the so-called “little teacher niang” title also began to come out.For this news, in fact, Guo Degang himself did not respond positively, after all, it is false news, not worthy of his positive response.Besides, uncle Guo was not the first to encounter this kind of thing.But under the pressure of public opinion, and after Jiang Kun appeared on the gala, Guo degang began to be talked about.Fortunately, these two things have come together, so on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, Guo Degang published a paper.A pinch the mouth of the villain told everyone, there are some things without evidence, but all rely on the mouth of the villain to say.About Guo Degang this melon, accurately speaking, is a rumor belonging to some bad media, the melon is not ripe, nor sweet, Guo Degang’s response is to prove his innocence.Believe Guo Degang, I hope he will bring you more good crosstalk.