The shadow of dispensable 13

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In the morning was pushed to wake up, it turned out to be my mother saw I was going to be late for work, she was afraid to yell at me to get up, will be afraid to frighten me to wake up, so came to my side, pushed me up.I woke up with a shock. I couldn’t get up on time last night because I was tossing and turning about the case.Mom sat downstairs at the table eating breakfast, did not see me, a look at my work time is too late, she worried, so came to my room.”Quick, Gong, late for work!You’re such a big man, and you need your mother to wake you up!”Mom urged.”Too late, leave half a day.”I stretched on the bed and said.”How can you be so free and loose?Teachers to discipline themselves, set an example!””Mom said angrily.”If you can’t do it, don’t give yourself pressure!Otherwise, I will be anxious and feel comfortable.”I said as I got up.When I sat down at the table, it was 5 minutes from 8 o ‘clock, obviously too late, I made a phone call to the office, is a colleague to answer, I said that he did not sleep well last night, now the body is not well, trouble him to help me ask for a half-day off, colleagues also agreed.”How can you be so free and undisciplined, if everyone is like you so, today sleep over please along while, tomorrow so-and-so get up late also please along while, that your school is not in disorder!That to the student also is a kind of irresponsible performance, you how return a teacher example!”Mom was still talking about me.”Oh no!Mom, I slept through it once in a while!Which can every day such, that school principal and colleague don’t scold me dead, my teacher’s job still stem bottom go to?I am usually able to comply with all kinds of rules and regulations, but also a good teacher!”I tried to defend myself.”That’s more like it, or I would have spared you even if your headmaster had.”Mother said righteously.Listen to old mama so said, I after the spine are out of the cold sweat, dare not say again.Mom as the chairman of a company, has always set an example, practice, is the model of all the staff, she is strict with herself, generous to others, by the company up and down all the staff respect.Therefore, I did not dare to slack off in front of her, and was strict with myself for fear that I did something wrong and made her angry.She looked at me eating breakfast with my head down and asked me with concern, “How are things going with Xiao Gao?Is it better than before?When are you going to bring her round for dinner again?”I listen to mom so ask, scared silly, it seems that she does not understand the situation, I think for a long time, do not know whether to say that thing, and finally decided to tell her the truth, “mom, xiao Gao, has gone, never come back.””Yes, where has it gone?Don’t want to talk to you?”Mom looked at me suspiciously.”Not somewhere else, but heaven.”I explained.”What?What the hell are you talking about?How can you go to heaven at such a young age?”Mom said more skeptically.”It’s true, this Monday morning, her mother woke her up, found no movement in her bedroom, opened the door, found her dead in bed, and called the police.The police also asked me to take a statement, so I have been thinking about the case for two days without a good rest.”I said gravely.Mom stared at me, as if to see through me, to see if I was lying, I stared into her eyes, very calmly looked at her.After confirming my eyes and confirming that I was not lying, she leisurely said, “What did the police say? Did they find out the cause of death?””No, the police did an autopsy on her and they didn’t find a single wound. It was a strange death and I felt sorry for her.””I said, grimacing.”How unhappy she is!If I had promised to marry you, maybe this would not have happened. How nice it would have been to be her young grandmother!It is a pity that she does not have such a good life!””Said Mother piteously.’Who would have thought it would come to her!But it is her life, and she cannot escape it, one life at a time.”I sighed.I saw mom this morning, can so leisurely sitting here to eat breakfast, very puzzled, usually she is to go to the company early, but today is such an exception.”Mom, don’t you have to go to the office today?You didn’t skip work today, did you?”I grinned.”Do you think I’m one of those people who doesn’t get to work regularly?I have an appointment with a client at 9 o ‘clock, so I will take my time today and go straight to the client.”Mom laughed.”I see. No wonder you’re not in a hurry?What about dad?Why didn’t I see him?””Your old man goes to work out in the morning.Are you part of this family?”She looked at me suspiciously.”Why am I not?It’s true, but I didn’t know dad got up early to exercise every day, I thought he was sleeping in!””I pleaded.”Your dad is also a very disciplined person. He exercises every day and never stops. You should learn from him.””Know, or father good, also need not go to work, have you to struggle can, still want to find a capable wife just good!””I exclaimed.”When your father was young, he also suffered a lot. He worked so hard to build this company. When the company became stable, he entrusted me to take care of it.You do well in school, and when I am tired of working, I will leave the company in your hands. Therefore, you must be serious and not lazy, or I dare not leave the company in your hands easily.”Mom said earnestly.”Got it. I’ll follow the instructions of the chairman.””Well, I won’t talk to you.Xiao Gao’s matter, you must cooperate well with the police investigation, let you do what you do, know?”Mom said seriously.”I see!I wasn’t born yesterday. I do things properly. Don’t worry.””That’s good, I won’t be verbose, you eat, have a good rest, go to work in the afternoon.”Then she hurried away with her bag.”Well, chairman go!”After dinner, I lay on the sofa, thinking in my mind, who did this gao Jun offend?Who has a vendetta against her?As far as I can remember, there is no such person.Murder always want to have murder motive, she does not associate with others, where come enemy!Was it just a whim?But she died in her bed by herself. Her parents couldn’t have killed her. Could it have been a burglar who broke in and killed her?But also did not seem to listen to the police said, their home lost things, even if the thief killed her, but also to be injured traces ah!And there’s none of that, which is really mind-boggling.Pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact delete.