Two beating “panda” cheer up!’Light show’ in Hockey stands

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The Chinese women’s ice hockey team played its first match against the Czech Republic at Wukesong Sports Center in Beijing, Feb 3, 2018.Before the game, thousands of glow sticks lined the stands formed a “screen” that showed two leaping pandas in light and color changes to encourage the upcoming teams.Technical staff introduction, these glow sticks can accept wireless signal unified control, foil the warm atmosphere of the stadium.In order to create the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics, Gan Lihong, an engineer from Zhejiang Dafeng Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. participated in the research and development of “Interactive experience audio-visual control system for wearable light-emitting devices” and “Cloud Connected audience interactive experience system integration and application Demonstration” and other projects.Dry li Hong introduces, the common fluorescent stick in the life is single person operation more, even if can realize the centralized control of radio, also can play the content stored inside fluorescent stick at regular time mostly, carry on real-time large-scale linkage very hard.And the arrangement of the glo-sticks in wukesong sports center auditorium has realized “wireless group control technology”, the glo-sticks shaped like a hammer, round head is light emitting area, showing 256 colours, through wireless communication mode follow the site server “password”, show has been ahead of the plait, storage in the cloud patterns or effect.At last year’s “Meet me in Beijing” test event, thousands of glow sticks were used to create a countdown, panda strikes and a sky full of stars.But with so many of them, how does the backend know exactly where they are, so it can be controlled precisely?Gan explained that when the fluorescent stick is placed on the seat, the seat position information can be read and “bound” to it through RADIO frequency technology, and positioning data can also be obtained through active positioning technology.After the location is determined, only one computer on site can effectively control 100,000 fluorescent sticks.More than 7,000 fluorescent sticks will be used to match the lighting and sound effects of the Wukesong Sports Center to display the mascot theme, festival theme and Beijing street scene theme.Source: Beijing daily client | journalists Liu Su jas process editor: TF021 copyright statement: text copyright owned by Beijing news group, without permission, shall not be reproduced or adapted.