Yibin farmers’ chickens disappeared and were killed, but the culprit was it?

2022-05-03 0 By

In the rural area of Jiang ‘an, every household has chickens, ducks, geese, but sometimes, their chickens inexplicably disappeared, but also be bitten.Recently, Jiang ‘an Xijia Town Panlong area a farmer Mr. Zhang (pseudonym) home chicken was inexplicably bitten to death, and disappeared, the monitoring of the installation was found, is actually the national second-level protected animal leopard-cat in mischief?Mr. Zhang’s family has been feeding livestock, chickens, ducks and geese. One day, When Mr. Zhang was feeding his chickens, he found that some chickens were missing.Mr. Zhang hurriedly went to the chicken pen, also saw a chicken died in the chicken pen, brought up a look, the chicken neck is like something bitten, the chicken was also eaten some, which can give Mr. Zhang a fright.What steals the chicken and kills it?Mr. Zhang went to retrieve the surveillance and found that it was actually a cat.In the middle of the night, a cat jumped from the fence into the yard and wandered into the chicken pen, where the chickens began to crow.”This is not the first time a cat has taken our chickens,” Zhang said. “Judging from the surveillance video, it looks more like an ocelot, a wild animal with patterned bodies and a bigger size than an average house cat.”Seven chickens were lost, and the next door neighbor lost two chickens.According to the photos Provided by Mr Zhang, it was indeed a cat that killed the chicken and dragged it away.Although it is not known whether the ocelot is at work, but also caused economic losses to Mr. Zhang.Perhaps, the cat who stole the chicken also wanted to have a hot year, killed the chicken and dragged it back to the nest, and ate it slowly during the New Year.