Annual salary 600,000 + settling-in expenses!Lanzhou University invites overseas talents to join us

2022-05-04 0 By

In accordance with the standards of annual pre-tax 600000 yuan to provide compensation or state salary + performance-based pay 500000 yuan a year to provide housing subsidies, family allowance of 1.1 million yuan of lanzhou university, has announced invites overseas optimal green to further improve the scientific talent fund system, attract overseas outstanding young talent (in China),National natural science fund committee in 2022, we will continue to implement the outstanding youth science fund project of national natural science fund (overseas), designed to attract and encourage in the natural sciences and engineering technology have achieved good grades of overseas outstanding young scholars (including non-chinese foreign talent) back (to) work, choose the research direction to carry out innovative research,We will promote the rapid growth of young scientific and technological personnel, train a number of outstanding academic backbones who are expected to enter the forefront of world science and technology, and contribute to the building of a powerful country in science and technology.On the basis of the funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (1 million to 3 million yuan), Lanzhou University will provide 1:1 matching research start-up fees.Appointed as professor of Lanzhou University (career establishment), doctoral supervisor.At least one doctoral candidate and two master’s candidates will be offered each year.Can apply for rental talent turnover apartment, carry bags.Three grade A hospitals provide high-quality medical care services for high-level talents.Support the establishment of academic innovation teams according to the characteristics and development needs of disciplines, and give preference to talent introduction and post-doctoral recruitment.Qualified applicants should send their curriculum vitae to the email address of the school’s contact person, and copy to the email address of talent Office ( The email subject format is: name + major + applying for overseas excellent youth.After the system is opened, other materials shall be provided according to the notice.Source: Riverrun News Editor: Chen Shi Yun