Billie was attacked by Kanye West for a very funny reason

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Do you still remember the stampede incident at a large music festival in the United States last year, which was so popular that it was even reported by major mainstream news in China?The incident, which left more than 300 people injured and several dead, has become a classic example of “entertainment to death” in mainstream US culture, drawing derision from many Chinese netizens.The alleged mastermind of the ASTROWORLD 2021 festival was Travis Scott, the rapper and husband of Kylie Jenner, one of America’s most famous Internet celebrities.As a result of the American public’s growing backlash against the rapper, Travis Scott’s popularity has plunged, and he has been blocked not only from many of the major music festivals that make money for foreign artists, but also from his mother-in-law’s home.Although the incident has been a long time, but many netizens are still not satisfied.Some want to make a bigger noise against singer Travis Scott, while others just want to keep eating melons.Now, a sequel to the Drama has finally arrived — and it’s the former members of the Drama-loving Kardashian family.Yes, he is Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kanye West.Kanye West has always been a “deeply conflicted” figure in American entertainment, with many people having a love-hate relationship with him.Maybe someone is keyboard attacking him on the Internet and buying his coconut shoes behind his back.As the husband of Kim Kardashian, the face of the Kardashian family, Kanye’s ability to make Drama is naturally Max’s.The news comes shortly after Kanye West and Kim Kardashian announced they were ending their marriage.For those who hate the Kardashians’ Drama, it may be a relief to see the couple’s Drama continue to make headlines.In practice it is not.After his divorce, Kanye West hasn’t forgotten his in-laws’ sensationalism.First came the divorce and the hope of getting back together with Kim. Then came the rumor that Kim was dating his best friend Pete Davison and started spreading rumors that He had HIV.When that didn’t work, she complained online and begged Kim to change her mind.To discover later that didnt work –, he also began to find all sorts of little girlfriend directly, and the characteristics of the girlfriend, both in style and look and Kim kardashian, some are even looks spirit likeness, including big talker talked recently and the hot female models Juilia Fox, two people even CP is a nickname, called:Juliet.And these events are seen in the eyes of the entertainment media, also attracted a wave of melon eating audience attention.As luck would have it — Now Kanye West has taken a jab at new generation singer Billie Eillish.Biely, 20, was scheduled to perform at the same festival as Kanye West when Travis Scott was replaced as the lead singer due to the stampede scandal.Perhaps in need of more heat, Kanye west announced online that he wanted Billie to apologize to Travis Scott after she took a break from her latest Happier Than Ever tour to help a fan who was having trouble breathing.Comparisons to Ttavis Scott’s stampede went viral on the Internet.The video was seen by Kanye west, who believes That Billie’s “seemingly friendly” behavior is a deliberate attempt to destroy Travis Scott, and says he will not attend the same music festival she is attending unless she apologizes.the video was posted by Kanye West.After kanye tweeted that she didn’t mention Travis Scott at all, Billie said she was just trying to help someone who deserved it.Apparently, Kanye’s move worked again.Not only attracted media attention, but also let the new generation of hot female newlyweds successfully “relationship” with him.Remember when Kanye West took the microphone from Taylor Swift when she was just starting out?If you look at it carefully, it’s almost like Kanye West grabbing the microphone.It’s just that the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted a lot of Drama from offline to online — but we have to admit that Kanye knows how to deal with Drama, and knows how to use his “upside” to keep his place in the music industry.In fact, I always think it’s a pity kanye didn’t become a talent scout.After all first tried to suppress to regard the thatched cottage of mold, mildew, Taylor Swift, found out that she is the mainstay in the music of the future began to crazy after ceng heat, now he and mold mold Drama is about the end of next to this one is probably Billie, obvious Billie today in the popularity of music and creative ability is overwhelming,I don’t know if Billie will release her own Diss song in the future, but if she does, she’ll be as well known as Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do.Finally, should we give Kanye a shout out: “Kanye West, Good 4 U!”