One catty maximum 120 yuan!This kind of dish, many nanchang people like to eat

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“The shoots of toona sinensis are as tender as silk before rain and like wood after rain.”Eat Chinese toon, be sure to catch up early.A few years ago, Chinese toon sprouts were sold at a high price of 70 yuan per catty, and they were sold at 90 yuan per catty last year.And this year after the Spring Festival, the price is almost the same as last year, some even sold as 120 yuan a catty.The reporter understands in Shanghai rich country road vegetable market, the stall that sells Chinese toon here is not much, the general price of a catty Chinese toon is between 80 yuan to 100 yuan.Because of its high price, Chinese toon is still a bit of a “niche”. Sales are not very high, and most consumers just buy a small handful and go back to have a try.At 80 yuan per catty, it is not the most expensive.Reporters in Nanjing a vegetable market found that the Chinese toon here to 120 yuan a catty.In the Chinese toon in wholesale market, what market is it?A wholesale market in Nanjing is the largest agricultural and sideline products logistics base in East China.The wholesale price of the Chinese toon at the market is about 100 yuan per catty.Due to the weather, the supply of the Chinese toon this year is in short supply, coupled with the rising labor costs around the Spring Festival, the price of the Chinese toon keeps rising.Wholesaler Wang Hui tells a reporter, the Chinese toon of their home comes by air from Yunnan Honghe, it is taste more full-bodied red Chinese toon, a few more expensive relatively, want 100 yuan a catty.The green Chinese toon that also has Shaanxi on the market now, the price is probably half of red Chinese toon, although unit price is low, but sales volume is far less than red Chinese toon however.Wang Hui told reporters that the Chinese toon by air has been cooled to keep it fresh.The local toon will be available in mid-April. The local toon has better taste and aroma without being chilled.Wholesaler Wang Hui: nonlocal Chinese toon is about 20 yuan a catty when the time comes.Local Chinese toon price can be left and right sides of 100 yuan a catty, taste of Chinese toon in other place wants to be poorer than local a lot of, advantage of Chinese toon in other place also did not have so.The Chinese toon of our country is planted already very general, wait for the ground in Sichuan, anhui, Shaanxi, Yunnan, have the planting of Chinese toon tree, pick Chinese toon bud for the season that grows tender bud in Chinese toon namely.At present the Chinese toon in the market is mostly come from Yunnan, the wild vegetable on original branch why value is doubled?Why are Chinese toon prices so high this year?Famen Village, within the jurisdiction of Lushui Village, Zhuyuan Town, Meili City, Yunnan Province, is located at the intersection of mountains. The unique “microclimate” environment formed by the intersection of cold and warm air currents creates the unique growth environment of Chinese toon here.The Chinese toon planted here, the first stubble of yunnan other areas about 40 days ahead of the market, is worthy of the name “Yunnan first toon”.The Chinese toon variety that this season is picking calls Chinese toon of the four seasons, scientific name red oil, it can be picked all the year round, break through the limitation that only spring ability picks before, assure can eat fresh Chinese toon in other season.The existing planting area of Chinese toon in Meili city is more than 20 thousand mu, of which only the lushui village committee planting area has reached more than 13 thousand mu.The variety of Chinese toon in Lushui village mainly includes the local small red toon, which can be picked after spring, and the four seasons toon, which can be picked all year round.Now the local small red toon has not appeared on the market in large numbers, and the four seasons toon is close to the end of picking, as it happens to be the period of green, so the market price fluctuations are larger.Buyers told reporters that the price of Maitreya’s Chinese toon began to soar in 2016. At first, the market was not quite recognized, and the price did not exceed 80 yuan per kilogram. Later, it was slowly accepted by the market, and the price went up all the way.Chinese toon buyer Li Chao: this year’s Chinese toon price, it is the highest price in yunnan history, because there is no goods in the national market recently, only yunnan side has goods, Chinese toon quality is very good, can sell high price.Another buyer’s sales book stated that the purchase price of the toon was 100 yuan per kilogram on Feb. 6, but rose to 135 yuan per kilogram on Feb. 11, 145 yuan per kilogram on Feb. 12, and 150 yuan after Feb. 13.Buyers said, these days the terminal market demand is large, and the four seasons toon picking is nearing the end, so the price will certainly rise again.Yang, who has been planting and harvesting the Chinese toona, brought it to Maitreya in 2015 to promote planting.He told reporters that over a period of time, sichuan Dazhou toon on the market, the price of toon will be stable.Issued by the sources of finance edit | | CCTV TuJing | xue-wen MAO