Police in Hua County have captured a murder fugitive who has been on the run for 24 years

2022-05-04 0 By

Justice has long arms.On the afternoon of February 7, wang Mou, a murder fugitive who had been on the run for 24 years, was successfully captured by the police of Hua County in Hongqi District of Xinxiang City, making a “good start” to criminal investigation work in the New Year.On the evening of June 23, 1998, a murder case occurred in The town of Cizhou Village in Henan County. Wang mou brutally killed his neighbor because of a neighborhood dispute, and disappeared after escaping.For 24 years, the County police has never given up the arrest of him, even if the investigators changed a batch of another batch, but the firm belief and responsibility of the mission did not slacken.Justice may be late, but never absent.Recently, in the process of sorting out the murder case, the investigator after a lot of work and analysis, finally found the clues of Wang Mou, the task force police perseverance, close pursuit, increase the arrest force.February 7, after dozens of hours in a row, in a small area of Xinxiang City red Flag district, the success of 24 years on the run murder fugitive Wang Mou captured.After the arrest, the suspect Wang mou confessed to the murder of the criminal facts.At present, Wang mou has been detained by criminal law, the relevant work is being further handled.At the welcome ceremony, deputy county magistrate, county Public Security Bureau Party secretary, public security Bureau director Zhang Guoqing congratulated and sympathized with the police task force, and fully affirmed their hard work and spirit of overcoming difficulties.He pointed out that the crackdown on criminal crimes is the responsibility of the public security organs, the murder of the accumulated cases of the important stare, to carry out the work of chasing fugitives, with practical actions to maintain the county’s social security overall stability, and constantly improve the people’s sense of gain, happiness, security, to make greater contributions to the well-being of the people of The County.(Chao Li Chao Li Shuhua)